Weekend Reading (and SALES!) 6.7.13


happy friday ya’ll! (sometimes I like to pretend I’m from the south when really I was born and raised in chicago, so just go with it whenever it happens, thanks.) i’ll be heading to michigan city, IN for a wedding on the lake tomorrow – hopefully it warms up some, where is summer!? What’re your plans for the weekend? Here’s some weekend reading for ya with some sales mixed in because if I can’t shop you definitely should. See everyone on Monday! 

(I wonder if I should change the name of this segment because I find myself sharing a lot of videos every week, let me think on it.)

did someone say free donuts? and if you’re in chicago, check out these spots

dogs doing people things. yes please. this blog is too cute. 

speaking of dogs, but not really. take a look at these adorable necklaces. i need one. or five. 

and i hate cats. sorry, but i do. but this video is too good to pass up. 

i know I’ve talked about the skimm before, but seriously, i’m obsessed with reading it every morning. you must, must sign up, I mean, it’s free and totally keeps you in the know about things you actually should know about! sign up, seriously! and they wish you a happy birthday on your birthday, i’d sign up just for that alone! 

this brazilian ad campaign is almost better than the dove ‘real beauty’ one when it comes to women and their self-esteem. that campaign was the most watched ever, btdubs. but i like this one more.

lollapalooza aftershow tickets are on sale now! (UPDATE: they’re already all sold out. hit up stubhub?)

still living in the stone-age with your iphone 4S? good news is on the way

this is important to me. so it should be important to you. 

because i love emma stone oh so much. like, can we be bff or what? call me bitch. 

need a new marathon tv show to start? here’s a list of the 101 best written tv shows. Friday Night Lights is number 22, just sayin… tami taylor, will you be my other bff? you’re both redheads so it’s fine. 

a really great blog post from sarah at note to self about design and duplication and inspiration. 

bueller? bueller? anyone? 


gap is 30% off everything online today and then 25% off online tomorrow, so shop today! Use code GAPTREAT.

loft is an extra 50% off sale items. 

jcrew is 25% off everything and 30% off if you’re a cardholder. Use code SUMMER or CARDHOLDER.

jcrew factory is 40% off jewelry and 30-40% off dresses and skirts online. Stores are 40% off plus an extra 10% if you present an email, so make sure to sign up for their mailing list. 

c.wonder is an extra 50% off sale items. Use code SALE50.

banana republic is 30% off everything online. Use code BRSHOP30.

macy’s has an extra 20% off and, my favorite, FREE SHIPPING when you spent $99+

Last Thing

my little sister is participating in a Big Bike ride which consists of a 29 person tandem bike. I don’t understand it either, so it’s fine. but they’re raising money for The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada (she works in Victoria). Any sort of donation would be awesome. Her goal is only $150 so let’s help her get there! You can donate here.

now let’s get through this friday! 


ps did everyone see i dropped the .blogspot in the url? i’m like a real blog now, oh baby!  

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14210220475156788693 LeeLee

    Great links. Have a lovely weekend.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03438734669472052154 Emi Tokita

    to know that a 29 person tandem bike even exists…already my week is off to a great start. xx