Weekend Reading 5.31.13

Happy friday friends! Here’s some weekend reading for you. I’ve got a bachelorette party Saturday and before that the Blackhawks are playing game one of stanley cup semi-finals. I’m also helping out a friend on a design project so I’ve got a fun filled weekend ahead of me. Hope yours is just as jam packed with fun things! 

calorie counter? google to the rescue…as always.

looking for a new game to play on your iphone for your commute, look no further than here. beware, it’s addicting as addicting can get. 

not sold? try this new app… puzzles based on color theory, perfect for the art school graduate. make your professors proud! I’ve been playing it for awhile now and love, love, love it! Except when I get to a super hard level, then I hate it. 

interesting article on why vimeo is better than youtube. let me know your thoughts.

finally, a great use of the QR code. if you dont know what a QR code is by now, google it, fast. 

check out some of Karen Young’s awesome skyline prints from around the world. so cute.

this might be the coolest thing google has come up with to date. think skeeball on your computer with your phone as your contoller…awesome, I know! 

everyone loves a good infographic. don’t lie, I know you do. 

looking for something yummy to make for dinner? you’re welcome.

chicago kids, the movies in the park schedule has been released. maybe i’ll finally see skyfall…maybe.

educate yourself real quick on a big issue the supreme court will be deciding on next month.

lifesize dollhouse? check. burning lifesize dollhouse to the ground? check check.

i can’t even with this right now. this woman. this workout. all too much for me. have a good laugh.

on that note, i’m out. enjoy the weekend!!! and don’t forget to prancercise! (full video)