weekend reading 5.25


it’s finally here, the long weekend is upon us! turns out I will not be spending the weekend cleaning my apartment (inner sniffles) but instead heading up to a lakehouse with a slew of great friends. it’s still forecasted to be chilly at the lake as well, but that basically just means don’t go in the water, I’m sure the sun will still be shining on the dock! Plus a good hot dog on the grill is usually enough for me!  Here’s some weekend reading to tide you over.

ok so the first thing i’ve got for you is less reading a little more watching. Arrested Development 4th season premiers on Netflix tomorrow, here’s the trailer if you haven’t already seen it! i still have a couple more episodes to catch up on first!

subscribed to The Skimm earlier this week and am in lurve. basically a daily email newsletter that gets sent early morning that wittily (that’s actually a word?) recaps the news you should know about in a succinct email. 
more watching. meg jay’s ted talk entitled: why 30 is not the new 20. “personality changes more in your twenties than any other time in your life.” 

need an honest opinion? check out this app called askem by an Israli-based startup.

Hanson’s new beer has debuted. it’s called Mmmmhops. This isn’t a joke. 

I was going to save this for a dedicated post but they’re so cute i’m literally fearing they’ll all sell out. Sam and Libby for Target people. I mentioned a pair in my low wedge post, but so many flats too! So cute, so cheap, I die. I’m getting these for sure.

uh, this is genius. almost as genius as this. second one is perfect for sneaking booze into that festival this summer with incredibly overpriced beers. you didn’t hear it from me though! 

studio apartment? check out this amazing pull out furniture!

studio apartment? NOT. literally as far from a studio you can get. 

get crafty this weekend and do some painting, and make your own watercolors while you’re at it! 

i can’t get enough amanda bynes crazy lately. and i thought she’d fallen off the map after all her twitvid shenanigans, but alas, she has not. (hint: it involved flying bongs).

speaking of trainwrecks, this cannot be real. if you have enough money to launch a vodka line, maybe don’t hire what looks to be an 11 year old to do your package design? 

let’s end this on a positive note though. summer’s basically here, so beach waves are essential and we don’t all live near the ocean, worry not.

enjoy the long weekend, take lots of pictures and eat lots of food! 

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