Weekend Links | 7.25.14

Weekend Links 7.25

Woooo weekend. This was my first full week in awhile, but it really wasn’t too bad. I’ve transitioned roles at work which I’m really excited about, good to be working with my old team again. I can’t believe in January I’ll have been at the same company for 4 years. Crazy how time flies. Just like this week did, and now the weekend is here!

We’ve got a wedding Saturday that I’m super pumped about. The groom is a lifelong friend since elementary school. I got in trouble literally in kindergarten for taking my backpack off and whipping it at him. My bad? And the bride is a small, cute and fun galpal I’ve known since freshman year of high school. Basically it’s going to be a 10 year high school reunion two years early. And I for one, cannot wait! Just hope the rain stays away since it’s an outdoor ceremony, everyone keep your fingers crossed for them and happy Bellcourt wedding weekend! Prepare for a lot of Instas! And here are your links!

Looking for a new lunch spot in the city? Here’s a list of some brand spankin new places, hopefully some are close to your office.

We’re not all the sharpest tools in the shed, but no one needs to know that, heed this list of ways to look smart during meetings. People will think you’re a genius by lunchtime!

Um…this is probably the best thing ever. Jk, it snot. But really, it is.

First of all, I just had my first actual look at Tinder last weekend when my cousin was in town and trying to holler at some ladies. I took it upon myself to also peruse some ladies. It was fun. Anyway, Dave Franco and Conan played on Tinder and it’s actually pretty hilarious. And Dave Franco is hot, just putting it out there.

Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch had a show at Second City in the 90’s and someone uploaded a terrible quality version from a VHS  to the internet. Hallelujah!

I do not care about the 50 Shades of Grey trailer. That’s all I have to say about that.

You may have seen Airbnb’s new logo. But have you seen all the other things within it? It seems they’ve forgotten a cat butt.

In case you were wonder what the hell happened to checking in on FourSquare, they have a new app called Swarm, and the decision to break into two apps may not have been the best one.

I love a good mojito. And I love a fresh mango. And cilantro. Put em all together and BAM!, party in your mouth. And yes, I’m Emeril Lagasse.

Are you also maybe wondering why it’s so hard to get seated at the places you’re trying to check in at? The answer is probably too many of us are checking in, obvs!  Well that’s not exactly the reason, but it’s close, take a look.

Not a fan of cutting fruit on the same cutting board as you cut your meat? Problem solved with this super cute color coded cutting board DIY tutorial.

I’ve been throwing around the idea of getting a tiny little tattoo, but until I figure out what I want, this will do.

Oh, and lastly, this. (questionable NSFW, just say it’s research.)