Weekend Links | 7.18.14

7.18 Weekly Links

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! This week flew by. Maybe it was because I’m transitioning roles at work or just because the weekend finally realized it’s better than the actual work week and tried to get her as soon as possible, I’ll never know. What I do know is that I have absolutely nothing planned this weekend, which means I’d better take advantage since I don’t think I have another free weekend for like, 6 weeks. #woof  I also find out if I’m getting the apartment I looked at on Monday. This would be my 4th place in 4 years, I’m really just becoming a neighborhood hopper, trying to live in all of ’em before I’m forced to the suburbs by my spawn. This one’s right on the edge or Wicker, so fingers crossed we get it! Hope you all have a fun and productive weekend, looks like the weather’s going to be perfect!

Here’s an awesome list of unconventional ways to store your beauty products – I love number 15!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! Best prices of the year! I want so many things that post will have to wait until next week, but you should take a look here for everyone else’s needs and wants on Pinterest because things are gonna go fast!

Malaysia Air has had a rough past few months, read up on exactly what’s going on, this is gonna be a big issue.

Tired of squatting when you gotta pee in those festival portopotties? Stand up!

And now feel free to  read about what a certain American Pie star had to say about the crash via twitter. Spoiler: it ain’t good! Don’t these celebrities get that what they say is out there for the entire world!?

Bravo Colbie! In her new video for “Try” she’s going au natural along with a lot of other pretty ladies and I for one love it. I really think it’s a great message for young girls. And older girls too!

This weekend, give this watercolor napkin tutorial a try, I think I may, they’re so cute!

Been trying to master that messy wave look but hair isn’t quite long enough? Your solve’s right here!

When I turned on the ESPY’s on Wednesday, I wasn’t really expecting to be moved. But I was, twice. Michael Sam’s story really did bring me to tears (here’s his acceptance speech, but if you can find the whole segment, I suggest watching it) and Stuart Scott gave one of the best best speeches I’ve heard in my lifetime. Drake was…singing a song about athletes cheating on their spouses called Sidepieces and it had my blood boiling. Also, purely for the humor of it all, check out this blog post from the wife of a Raven’s player who is a seriousl loony toon. I think the Westboro Baptist Church may be starting their recruiting process with her soon.

I found this article verrrry interesting because who would have thought wifi would ever make it to the Amazon? No, not that Amazon, the ACTUAL Amazon.

I love me a good graphic tee. Check out this site  called Sevenly that creates tee’s while helping others. And they’re really awesome tee’s! Look for a more in depth post about this site coming soon. For now, check out this Dreamer tee.

I’ll leave you with Sam Smith’s new album In The Lonely Hour that I cannot stop listening to!


  • Lauren Kolzow

    Great weekend links! I must try all those adorbs ways to store your beauty products. I just throw everything in a drawer or hide in a closet.