weekend links 6.21.13


I need to start this off with an apology. Sports have been taking over my life. With the Stanley Cup and the NBA finals I’ve been really glued to the tv and have been neglecting my poor blog, and you all! So I’m so sorry for my actions, please please forgive me.

Second order of business, I’m really sad to announce, that I will no longer have small type on the blog. I love it so much, but as it turns out, you all hate it. I will not ever understand it, as small type is my favorite thing ever. But alas, I will give you readers what you want, even if I disagree. Lucky b’s.

This morning I woke up to a Chase alert that $180 had been charged to my debit at jcrew. First I thought perhaps I was ordering clothes in my sleep (since i’m still on the spending freeze) but then quickly realized that probably was not the case. i then called chase and filed a claim, then went to chase and picked up a new debit card. my morning was cray to say the least. then once i work i realize that in fact it was my charge, on a bridesmaid dress I’d ordered months ago that had just shipped. they told me it was on backorder til july 1st so i never made the connection. and the charge was showing up as Lynchburg,VA (yes I know now that’s where the distribution center is) but I ordered it in Chicago! How was I to know? Whoops? I called and reversed the claim but let’s just leave it at, I’m an idiot. sorry it was 7am, way too early for rational thinking like checking my jcrew account…

That being said. here are some weekend links. It was a big music week so I’ll give you a double dose next tuesday of some albums you should be listening to (sorry, it’s not yeezus).

i love a good infographic. and i love a good informational map all the more! iphone vs. android vs. blackberry 

since we’re on the topic, check out the new trailer for JOBS. Yes, that’s the documentary in which ashton kutcher plays steve jobs. is it weird i find him attractive in this?

instagram has video peeps. RIP vine, you had a good run. but facebook rules all. here are some tips to help you rule the moving pictures world.

mad men finale is on sunday. the season started off rocky and boring as haaaail, but it’s really picked up steam and now there’s just so much drama! Here are some great conspiracy theories. Vin, this is for you. God, Bob Benson, you kill me.

I basically don’t even have words for this. Just know it is absurd.

I feel like we’re entering shower season. as in wedding and baby. and then there are engagement parties and weddings. gifts are totes necessary for all of these. if you want to step outside the box and get them something they’re not expecting (ie. off their registry) check out this cool new startup that let’s you gift from local businesses. Thanks Ben for showing me this.

check out this really awesome photograph that will kind of blow your mind.

shout out to north west. um, why? if you dont know what this is in reference to, get out from under your rock. but seriously.

here’s a gift from me to you. Hint, it’s clothing related. shop for me while I can’t!

Wait, this is genius. turns out i like things that involve alcohol trickery?

i like miley cyrus. sue me. she’s friggin weird and I like it. this isn’t how you get ready for a night out on the town? psh. twerk. 

ok but now read this article. disagree if you must, i totally see your side, but i’m down with hannah montana, and i’m sorry i’m not sorry. the beat on the track though, not so much.

do you ever wonder why you aren’t as artistically talented as this guy? cause i do.

lastly. how often do you see something on pinterest you totes want in your closet only to click thru to a dead link or tumblr? well worry not. the hunt is here to help.

welp, that’s all i’ve got for you, like I said, busy week of sports, not as much internet browsing unfortunately. congrats to lebron? I’m heading to game 5 of the stanley cup finals tomorrow, so keep your eye out for some pics on Monday! GO HAWKS!