Weekend Links | 6.20.14


Well, we made it. Summer officially starts tomorrow. It was a beyond brutal winter here in Chicago, and for awhile I honestly didn’t think we’d ever see summer. The constant (and I mean CONSTANT) snow and negative temperatures were a new kind of evil I never hoped to meet.  There were a few times when I honestly thought, maybe this is it, the end of seasons as we once knew them. Winter now lasts 12 months out of the year, deal with it or move. I was prepared to move. But alas, accelerated global warming hasn’t gotten us yet. Let us celebrate with alcoholic drinks on patios and days spent soaking up skin cancer.

This weekend I surprisingly don’t have much planned.  Besides of course staring at my phone waiting for a text from one of my besties to tell me she’s on her way to the hospital to push a baby out of her lady parts. Her due date was yesterday so now it’s only a matter of time. I can’t wait to find out the sex so I can go HAM on Zulily and Baby Gap! Yeah you heard me, goin’ HAM on purchasing infant outfits. Welcome to the Secret Life of a Non-married 26 Year Old. Buying friends’ babies clothing instead of saving for the future. YOLO. Lot of millennial acronyms happening today.

Additionally, Max and I finished Fargo on FX this week, if you’re not watching it, stop reading this (don’t actually, just wait til you’re done) and go start. It is SO good. Billy Bob Thorton is so weird it’s like watching him play himself. But really, if you’ liked the movie, you’ll love he show. Only nine total episodes, so you could like, watch the whole series tomorrow!

Also, I’m really excited for some upcoming posts next week: a restaurant review, an awesome new app review, and I’ll be telling you about a really cool site for giving…and receiving. So make sure you check back to read more because they’re likely to be the best things you read all week. Don’t hold me to that though because if it’s not, all I can offer is a half hearted apology. Anyway, for now, here are you weekend links.



Is it weird that a period party sounds awesome to me? Apparently not so much for this little pretweet betch. Watch this hilarious new ad for a period box company. Also, I hope I grow up to be a mom like that. Yes, one that pranks her daughters. I’m that person.

Another great ad, this time from Pantene. I feel like I apologize 500 times a day. Sorry, I’m done now! Damnit! Did it again. THAT was a terrible joke. Nothing to see here people, keep moving. 

Time to find that box of shit from when you were a kid, it might be worth something!

Here’s an excellent beachy wave tutorial from Alyson at Sequins & Things, perfect for the start of summer! I miss my long hair for mainly this reason. I love to look like I just got out of the sea at any point in the day.

This is literally my worst nightmare. Lit-er-al-ly. Like, in the actual literal sense. Well no, worst would be actual birds, or maybe geese. But this up most definitely up there.

Um, hello Private Party, where have you been all my life? This line of tees, tanks and crew neck sweatshirts is just too perfect. I want all of them, except the Beyonce ones, obvs. Specifically: Worst. Justin + Britney. So quiche.

Here, I got you this awesome hotdog recipe, you can thank me later. A recipe…for a hotdog? Yep. Read on.

OITNB and Law and Order crossover episode is here! Not really, but turns out legit every character on OITNB has been on some episode of Law and Order too…not even surprised. #bringbackstabler #svuforlife

Speaking of criminals, this gun wielding bad guy (arrested on weapons charges) is gettin’ a lot of fame for looking sexy rather than scary.

Because this post wouldn’t be complete without me bragging about how I’m from one of the snobbiest cities in the country. I didn’t realize getting a good education and turning that into a college degree and turning that into making a decent paycheck constituted as being a snob, but if that’s the case, I’ll take it. Also, suck it!

Have a good weekend ya’ll! And pretend you’re from Texas when you type, it’s fun!