Weekend Links 6.14.13


Well guys, the Blackhawks won Wednesday night which means just three more games to go! I. Can’t. Wait.  Game 2 is this weekend which is just one of the reasons I’m excited that today is Friday. The other reason is my aunt and uncle, who make their own wine, are having their annual bottling party on Saturday, which somehow, I’ve never been to before. So this year I’m for sure making an appearance to see what it’s all about! Hopefully the weather god’s are on our side.

Ok so, I’m changing the name, executive decision. I’ll now be referring to this post as: Weekend Links. Huge change there, I know. I just didn’t feel right calling it reading, sue me! So now without further ado, here are your weekend links.

I may have shared these necklaces with you before, I honestly can’t recall if I did or if I just pinned them, but even if I have, this tutorial takes it a step further. If only I was more DIY savvy!

Why can’t I be the one to come up with an idea like this. So simple, so smart! And again, another awesome use of a QR code.

Since we’re on the topic, Apple’s new iOS 7 debuted at the WWDC this week. I’m still not sold on the design, like, at all. But i’ve got a couple months to try and let it grow on me. i don’t see it happening. but check it out for yourself.

You had to expect at least one of the links would reference the blackhawks, so here. I love shinpads!

This is one of my favorite dog videos ever. and there are a lot of dog videos.

Speaking of dogs, can we talk about this branding by perky bros please? oh em gee, so so good. I just love everything about it!

I’m sure you’ve at least heard about kanye’s interview with the ny times if not read it. but if not, here’re the highlights.

this is just me bragging, but I got 441 on Dots yesterday. What’s your high score?

Perhaps the perfect late night treat? I think so. Besides a s’more of course! you’re killin me smalls.

Speaking of….

Now that it’s finally warmed up and starting to feel like summer around here (besides wednesday night – what was that by the way? Biggest build to a storm ever), how amazing do these look!? oh yeah, and these!

Um, can i live here please? thanks. so beautiful.

If you know me well, you know that I’m pretty good at finding popular movies, sometimes still in theaters, to download and watch. Now this company is making it easy for less tech savvy people to find and watch video themselves. It’s basically awesome.

there’s a place off ocean avenue. no, I’m not talking about the nostalgic yellowcard song that was frequently overheard while you were shopping at hollister. it’s warby parker’s new collection. if you don’t know warby parker yet, read up.

google bought another company, surprise surprise. this one is actually pretty cool, couldn’t believe i’d never heard of it! 

what’s everyone else doing this weekend? I’d love to hear about it, let me know! Whatever it is, make it a fun one! And i’m sure you haven’t forgotten, but Father’s Day is Sunday! 

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