Weekend Links | 4.25.14


Happy Friday my little blogglings! I hope every ones week flew by. Somehow Friday managed to get here pretty quickly, despite the nightmares I had Sunday night about how miserable the week would be after our little getaway to Nashville (which was amazing by the way, post on that soon!) It’s funny how you take days off for a relaxing vacation and then when you get back it’s almost like you need another day to get your mind right, which is crazy because all you did the whole time was kick back and chill. Life’s weird right?

In other news, this weekend I will be attending my first baby shower. And there will be boys there. And a keg. Don’t be jealous. Mama G is really setting the bar high since she’s one of the first to pop one out, everyone else is going to have to hire magicians and rent chocolate fountains to compete. The rest of us are screwed. It’s a real problem when the first one to do everything is really good at doing said things. She got married first too and her wedding was really good, damn her! 

Hope you all have a great weekend while I’m enjoying generic baby shower games. That’s a dirty lie, I’ll be getting Sunday day drunk at a baby shower and yelling at the Blackhawks through the tv. I dare you to come up with something more fun than that! Anyway, here are you links!

Andy Warhol’s #TBT was better than your was. That should be obvious though.

Speaking of dead technology, watch this hilarious video of kids trying to understand a Walkman.

As a follow up to my obsession with my best friend Emma Watson, more reasons to love her

Stop spending money on alcohol. No, keep spending it, just read this first

In case you missed it, Time’s 2014 Most Influential People. Yay Miley! Continue rolling your eyes.

Tory Birch is having their Friends & Family sale right now, 25% off. If anyone wants to get me these, I’m an 8.5 and can pay you back in guacamole.

And since we’re on the subject of food, here’s a fun restaurant guide for every el stop. Can we talk about how they call it the L instead of El? It’s El folks, short for elevated. Get it right!

I love a good list. But this one is like, really good. It’s comparing teen girls mid 2000s to teen girls now. Like I did, you’ll likely cry for an hour after you read it because you’ll realize that a. you’re not cool anymore and b. you’re old. 

To perk you up after that life ruining list up there, here’s a cover of fleetwood mac’s dreams. with a cameo from a one blaire waldorf. (i think i’m going to cut my hair like ms. meester’s, thoughts?)

Everyone please look at this slide show from Coachella. And then tell me if i’m too far off base here when I say, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. This is what fashion is nowadays? Really? Because I don’t get it. Nor do I like it.

Pinaholic? Good, me too. (Sometimes I do that when I’m on the toilet too!) Fun fact, 75% of Pinterest users are pinning from mobile. Fun stat huh? So check out their new Guided Search for the mobile app. Some people are just so smart it makes me sick.

Last but not least, if you’ve ever wanted to time travel, now you can. Sort of. And all thanks to who? You guessed it, The Googs. That damn Google machine, what will it come up with next?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17988627779726962050 Lauren Kolzow

    I love the 2000 girl vs. 2014 girl. AIM was life, and Abercrombie.. but we all know who still shops at A&F!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06126198393968092669 Lauren deVane

      I do I do! I’m sorry their jeans fit my ass like a glove!