Weekend Links 12.19.14

Weekend Links 12/19/14

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone has an exciting weekend planned, as this is last one before Chrismtas, which means party overload I’m sure. I’ve got our work holiday party at The Berghoff tonight (can’t wait for some of their rootbeer!) and then we’re heading up north for a birthday party.

We’d planned on having a holiday potluck tomorrow night at our place, but a couple people couldn’t make it and there was some unavoidable winter sickness and we just thought it better to postpone. So now we’ve got a post holiday holiday party to look forward to! Sometimes those are even better because the holiday stress is past us.

Anyway, let’s get to it, your weekend links are here. Spoiler alert: There’s nothing on here about Serial because I haven’t listened to the entire finale yet. I’ve still got about 25 minutes to go and I’m having to avoid social media to dodge any information. But I’ve got some other good stuff for ya, promise! Have a great weekend everyone, don’t drink too much eggnog!

This recipe for Oreo treats, they’re like rice crispy treats only with Oreos. Max and I made a few batches last night to take in for office holiday parties, I even made a version with birthday cake Oreos. Yeah.

Speaking of sweets, take a look at this mouth-watering round up of cinnamon rolls 10 ways over on Design Crush. I die for cinnamon rolls people, especially on a Saturday morning in December. And while we were at Target buying oreos, the cinnamon rolls were 3 for $5 sooooo…you know what’s happening tomorrow morning at our place.

An interesting article about why creative people flourish in clutter. As long as I’m technically flourishing, I’m cool with not having to clean my room.

This is a suuuuper important one – the list for 2015 Chicago Restaurant Week is out and you can start booking, so jump on it quick before all the good tables get taken!

Kiiiiind of want to try this free 30 day trial of SaltedTV, online cooking classes taught by acclaimed master chefs from across the country. They range from the very basics (like knife skills)  to the very complex (like how to break down a goat), and cover every subject under the sun. Plus it’s only $10/mo. Gilt also has an offer right now. Food Network, time to step your game up.

Bored at work? Not as bored at these guys over at Squarespace were. (Mail….kimp?)

Stumbled upon (can you stumble on the internet?) this adorable little letterpress shop called 1canoe2. I’m a sucker for some pretty hand lettering, so I’m basically in love.

I bet you could still order this necklace for me for Christmas if you really wanted to. I really want you to.

This is a beautiful collection of gorgeous photos taken by drone photographers from all over the world. Our planet is pretty awesome.

Huge news! Instagram announced the release of five new filters this week. First time they’ve given us new picture changing magic in about two years, so this is exciting stuff for instafreaks like myself.

Welcome to my new favorite single, Wasted Love by Matt McAndrew (and Adam Levine I guess?). Is anyone else still raging about The Voice finale? It was a sham I tell ya, a sham! Regardless of the outcome, I still love this song. And Matt. And Adam.