Weekend Links | 06.27.14

6.27 Links | Champagneandchambray.com

Hello hello, it’s finally Friday! Lucky me, I’ve got a half day. Our office seems to be a bit confused that the 4th of July is NEXT week, and that a half day may be better suited for that Thursday, rather than the Friday before, but whatever, I’ll take it. It’s Max’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Max!) so I think he’s got his heart set on some good ol’ fashion bbq tonight, which I’m 100% down with. Not sure where yet, I’ve been dying to try Green Street Smoked Meats, so maybe there, but Smoque is always a safe bet too! Then tomorrow we’ll be celebrating with friends who hopefully get him properly intoxicated since I assume once you turn 27, drinking becomes even more difficult, so nights like these come much less frequently.

You may notice that my Weekend Link image is a little different this week. I really want to make sure that all of my posts have sharing power, and the way I was formatting the images previously weren’t as sharable as I thought they could have been. Enter this new format, four little snippits from some of the links. So now you can pin that pretty image up there and then other people can find the links too, even if they’re not reading the blog. So don’t forget to pin por favor!

Chicago Reader’s Best Of  has been released. Read it, live it. (If you’re in Chicago that is. If you’re not, file it away for when you visit. If you don’t plan to visit, get outta here! Just kidding, stay, there is more non chicago-y stuff you might enjoy)

For my fellow shopaholics, ASOS has a big summer sale happening right now! So many adorable dresses up to 50% off, plus all sorts of other summery thangs!

Since we’re on the topic, Bauble Bar is also having a sitewide 20% off sale through Saturday, but they’re keeping it a secret. Use SUMMER at checkout to get the deal.

Recently I’ve been in love with Birdy this album. It’s from last year, but it’s def worth a listen, I’m willing to bet you’ll dig it too.

Another lady with killer power ballads? Adele, duh. Keep an eye out for 25 soon, without any warning!

Need a change in your space? Check out this awesome removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper.

Summer is sticky in most places. Which means braids are a godsend during these hot months. Try this twist on your everyday braid from the girls over at A Beautiful Mess.

Yogi friends, this is the bag for you. Also no, I haven’t done yoga yet even though it was a June goal, I suck real hard at accomplishing goals.

I wouldn’t much consider myself the baker in the family, my sister fills that role. But if I were said baker, I’d be making this ASAP! Toffee, give me toffee. Sidenote, ever had a toffee blizzard? Game changer people.

Ke$ha is back bitches. Homegirl is lookin’ so great on the cover of Teen Vogue, check out those freckles yo! Also speaking of freckles…she’s a beauty too!

Here’s a quick tip on how to use your AppleTV to stream Spotify through your TV speakers without mirroring. Booyah! Also, if you don’t own an AppleTV, go buy one now, best use of $99 ever.

That’s it for today, hope everyone has a kick ass weekend, I know I will since I’ll be spending it spoiling my guy!