Tunes on a Tuesday No. 6

Guys. this is major. the blackhawks are going to the stanley cup. AGAIN. I can’t control my excitement. I’ve already secured tickets to game 5 at the United Center and I’m FREAKING OUT! I’m not counting this against my spending freeze because this is a total yolo moment. As in, this is a once (or twice) in a lifetime kinda thing! Just prepare yourself for a lot of hockey talk on here for the next two or so weeks.

yes, that is me with the stanley cup in 2010 the day after they won.  I was sweaty, get over it.

In other news, it’s Tuesday. Which means it’s time for some tunes. I want to first say that the new Jimmy Eat World album officially released today, so jump on that. And secondly another album to check out that was released last week was the new City and Colour album, The Hurry and The Harm. This is a canadian singer/songwriter by the name of Dallas Green (get it? city and colour?) who killed it at Lolla last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve been listening to this new album all week and can’t get enough. 

And lastly, here’s a playlist to get you through this week!

or here on grooveshark.

also, the last song on the playlist is a friend’s band, Fletcher Rockwell, and they’re awesome but their stuff isn’t on grooveshark yet, so go check them out here if you don’t have spotify.