Tunes on a Tuesday No. 4


yuck. this past long weekend was so dreary the whole time, definitely NOT what I’d been looking forward to, but still relaxing nonetheless. and now the forecast is more rain and thunderstorms the rest of the week. laaame. so here’s some rainy day music for you. 

1. Clouds | Zach Sobiech
2. King of Spain | The Tallest Man On Earth
3. Lego House | Ed Sheeran
4. Sometimes the Sky | Charlie Mars
5. Waiting For The Sun | The Jayhawks
6. Summer Girl | Family of the Year
7. This Side | Nickel Creek
8. Fit Against the Country | Horse Feathers
9. Diamonds | Ben Howard
10. Good With You | L.P.
11. Atlas Hands | Benjamin Francis Leftwich
12. Ghosts | Florence + The Machine

listen here (spotify)
or here (grooveshark)
one other thing of note. if you haven’t downloaded the #music app yet, I highly suggest it. it’s twitter’s music app, hence the hashtag. but it’s really pretty neat and helps you discover new music, see who your favorite artists are listening to, etc. If you have spotify mobile (which I SWEAR BY, best $10 a month I spend) you can listen to the songs right there on your phone. otherwise you get a 60 second preview…I think. plus it has a beautiful UI (user interface for you non designers, see I taught you something new!) that I could look at all day! and best of all…it’s FREE! Yippeee!