Things I Will Never Understand

Things I Will Never Understand

Now, I like to consider myself a relatively smart individual. I think that I tend to understand most things, but there are a couple that I just will never get. These are those things. Disclaimer: A lot of these “things”  are actually types of people, because the human race is a real mixed bag if you ask me. And I understand that there are probably a lot of things that I do that people don’t understand, like eating pizza in a mug. Anywho, without further ado:


The world’s obsession with Beyonce. Whhhhhhy?

People who ask a question before googling it. Googling will give you a much more thorough answer than I will. Plus, I’m just going to end up googling it to give you your answer anyway! Skip the middleman friends!

How weathermen get to keep their jobs after they’re wrong so many times.

Macarons. A cookie I can eat in one bite that costs $3…no thanks. Terrible ROI.

Paying for prestige brand nail polish when no one can tell if it’s Chanel or Wet n’ Wild when it’s on your nails!

Gladiator sandals.

People that pay actual, real life money to play things like Candy Crush.

Why everyone in the world is obsessed with the Fault in our Stars. I read it, it was pretty good, but that was it. Nothing could have prepared me for the craze that has ensued.

How I ALWAYS spend more money than intended when I walk in to Target. It happens every. single. time. And to add to that, people that walk out with just what they came for. You must be a drone of some sort.

People that choose to use apple maps over google maps.

Terrible commercials from big brands. Who approves these things!?

Cartoons made specifically for adults.

How I’m expected to do actual work after 3pm on a Friday.

People that don’t consume Chipotle at least once a week. Your life is not as fulfilled as it could be.

People that call into radio stations just to tell them they’re hanging out at the mall.

Professing love or hate on a bathroom stall door. It’s 2014 people. Let’s just stop.

Girls whose faces are five shades darker than their neck. Did you not notice that in the mirror before walking out the door?

People that win the lottery on more than one occasion! Just how?

The continued use of Comic Sans and Papyrus fonts in society.

Real Housewives of any city.

When you can’t get something to work, then someone else offers to help and it works right away. Murder me.

Savings accounts? What’re those?

People that don’t eat carbs. I know, I know,  the whole gluten-free thing, don’t really get that either.


Tell me, what are the things that you just will never understand?


  • Lauren Kolzow

    I’m in complete agreement on everything BUT.. gladiator sandals (not crazy up the leg ones tho) and real housewives are my life.

  • Shannyn

    There are so. many. things. Yes to expensive nail polish…even an expensive lipstick gets shown off…sometimes? Or it looks nice in your purse? I dunno but nailpolish is a total mystery to me if it’s not actually going to peform better and not chip or look awesome. Like, $18 for a plain red polish? Uh…

    Also? “Girls whose faces are five shades darker than their neck. Did you not notice that in the mirror before walking out the door?” No, no I don’t.

    And savings accounts, you don’t get those? LOL. They’re for savings? Especially for things you don’t want to easily spend and could write a check for..but yes, you could have two checking accounts, but a SA offers a better interest rate w/o being locked in for 1 year or something and you can’t touch it. Less fluid than checking, but not as untouchable as a CD account.

    • Erica

      LOLing at this all. CAN I GET AN AMEN FOR THAT BEYONCE COMMENT. YES. Also Fault In our Stars I’m guilty off, but you betta ~preach~ at the rest of this~

    • Lauren

      Thanks for the checking account lesson, I suppose it’s time to get one!

  • marina k

    Ummm…this is your boss speaking. Let’s chat…re:
    “How I’m expected to do actual work after 3pm on a Friday.”