Currently Coveting: Valentine’s Day

Currently Coveting: Valentine's Day Edition


New plan, and I’m sure you’ve seen it around blogtown, but on Thursday’s you’ll be seeing the things I’ve got my eye on, that I wish I could splurge on, or are just down right swoon-worthy with Currently Coveting.

With that lovey-dovey holiday just two days away now, I thought perhaps I’d round up some pretty-in-pink products for you to oogle over. Plus self-love is always encouraged, so #treatyoself and maybe buy yourself one or two of these beauties! Ok, enough chit chat, let’s get to it!

Lace Bralette | It comes in a slate grey color too, peek-a-boo!
Heart Dish | We all need a little reminder to ensure our heart is in the right place
Kiss, Kiss Postcard Set | Perfect snail mail to send your gal pals!
NARS The Multiple | Use it on your eyes, lips, and face! Triple threat in Orgasm.
FRENDS Headphones | Been lusting after these babies foreva, who wants to make it official?
Passionfruit candies | Passionfruit is my absolute fav, so obvi these made the cut!
Capri Candle | My favorite candle ever, all dressed up for the occasion!
Geometric Towel Set | Geo + neon pink edges? Yes please!
Je T’aime Print | Because who doesn’t want gold foil on their wall right now?

Byeeeeeeeeeeee. (said like Violetta on Real World. Yeah, guys I’m watching The Real World, suck it!)


Inappropriate V-Day Card Roundup Pt. 2

As promised, I’ve got a couple more Valentine’s Day cards for the not-so-mushy man in your life. (If you missed part one, you can see them here!) I figured your guy would really appreciate dogs sniffing each others butts on the most romantic day of the year, so you’re welcome. I still haven’t made a final decision on which card to order for Max, and I’m totally going to run out of time. I need to just pick one and order it! Or I could just order one of each, that could be fun! Have you guys found any cards yet? I’ve been seeing a lot on some of the blogs I follow, but they all tend to be a bit tamer. Maybe I’ll share some pretty ones with you guys too!


Inappropriate V-day Card Roundup Pt 2

1. Love, CC-12 from Old Tom Foolery

2. Love Card Wiener from WitandWhistle

3. Friends Forever from Hello!Lucky

4. Nobody I’d Rather from EmilyMcdowellDraws

5. Valentine Card from AnnsPaperie

C&C may or may not be a little quiet later in the week, I’ve got a photoshoot for work Wednesday and Thursday, and if I’m judging based on the past photoshoots I’ve been a part of, they tend to go much longer than anticipated. So I’ll try my darndest (is that how you spell that word?) to get some content up for you, but if I don’t, forgive me? Pleeeease!

Oh, also, is it wrong that I kinda wish I lived in NYC right now so I could be having a snow day? I’m not sure if that’s like…not PC since I haven’t actually looked into the severity of the situation this morning yet, but I’m not even sorry, I love snow days!