Friday Link Love 2.20.15


TGI Friggin’ F. And that’s an understatement. I thought that blizzard was bad that we had two weeks ago, but after the arctic blast that hit Chicago yesterday, I’m really not even decided on which is worse. But hey, it’s looking like a heatwave over the weekend, highs in the 30’s, break out the bikinis! Ok maybe I’m jumping the gun on that one, but at least the weekend won’t be too miserable. Then again, you know how much I trust the weathermen…so I won’t hold my breath. Until then, I’ve got some Friday Link Love for ya! Also, there’s only one week left in February!? What is happening!?

Since we’re on the subject of the cold, you have to see these pics of Niagara Falls, frozen! The last time I was there was for my aunt and uncles wedding five years ago, and it most definitely didn’t look like this!

Two of my favorite things in the world: s’mores and thin mints…combined! IF YOU KNOW A GIRL SCOUT, CALL ME, I NEED TO MAKE THESE!

Kimmel’s at it again, Fashion Week or Photoshop, you decide.

For all you newly engaged gals, in case you missed it, Anthro started a registry, helllllllo! Married or single? Good, go shop anyways with an extra 25% off sale items.

Oh baby, we might have a game changing new eyelash curler. No longer will women endure the inner-lash pinch!

But since that may not be on the market for awhile, here’s another alternative from Benefit, how I love thee!

J.Crew has updated their new arrivals right on the heels of NYFW. I’ll have one of each please, but specifically this, this and this. Plus 20% off right now! Which reminds me, looking at all of these spring styles, I could really use a vacation! Cough, cough Leslie, call that hotel! 

I’ve been sleeping like shit lately, so this article SHOULD come in handy, but something tells me I have no control over my body once I’m no longer awake…but I’ll give it a try!

Is your dog a bit bigger than pint size, preventing you from carrying it around with you everywhere in your purse? Carmichael Collective presents: Big Dog Purse! I die.

Uh, how amazing is this constellation ear crawler!? I must have it.

And speaking of space, have you guys read about Mars One? This is seriously too wild to even think about. One way ticket to Mars. One. Way. 

The Blackhawks are back at it again, being way too cute for words! Looks like I found my girl scout though! Maybe I can just knock on Johnny’s door and eat some of his cookies?

That’s all friends, hope you all have a spectacular weekend, I’ll see you back here next week. And get excited, I’ve got my annual Chili Cookoff at work on Thursday, so I’ll be sharing my recipe on the blog soon. But not before Thursday because then all my co-workers would just steal my recipe (since it obviously won last year, suckas!) and we’d all have winning pots. At least we’d know that every entry would be delicious though…


Friday Link Love 2.6.15

I hope everyone survived that blizzard situation that happened this week, I can attest that it was a real betch to Chicago. I’m gonna make this little diddy short today because I’ve got a lot of links. But in the process of putting this post together I noticed that it’s abnormally female empowering, so…go girl!

What’re everyone go goin on this weekend? Should be a full one for me,  I’ve got a birthday party, a bridal shower and checking out Siena Tavern during Chicago Restaurant Week. Other than that, I’ll likely be spending it getting lost in my latest book, All The Light We Cannot See. What’re you guys reading reading right now? I’ll see ya back here next week with some last minute Valentine’s Day gift guides – I’m talkin’ to you procrastinators!




Speaking of Valentine’s Day, let’s take a minute to send some love to some people who probably need it more than we do, sick kiddos. This year you can send valentines to the little cuties over at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. It takes two minutes to send ’em a smile, just do it! (Thanks for sharing Kate!)

We can all thank my mother for this one. Waffle iron recipes that will blow your mind. Here. You were gonna google it anyway after watching that video, this one is rated extremely well on Amazon and under $50.

Regardless of the fact it’s my livelihood, Photoshop is totally out of control in the media. (Exhibit A. And B. And C.) So let’s work to fix it by signing this petition to help creative positive change for young women by reducing Photoshop in magazines.

I die for fresh flowers in the apartment, but arrangements can get expensive. Take a minute (literally one minute and one second) to watch this video on how to make your own on the cheap.

This girl’s got some pipes! Watch this 12-year old star beat the odds when she covers John Legend.

One of my guilty pleasures used to be the show Nashville, because Tami Taylor, duh. But I kind of fell off watching a season ago, but these sisters are too talented not to share their cover too!

Scout is back! I can only imagine all the yelps of joy the freshman language arts teachers across the country let out when they heard the news.

Jimmy’s in LA this week and so far this has been my favorite segment, but who knows what’ll happen tonight!

This is so awesome, it’s about time all body sizes start to be recognized! But at the same time, that is what our society is considering plus size now? Come on.

Hey boys, how about you don’t. Just let us have this one. #likeagirl


Friday Link Love 1.30.15

Friday Link Love 1.30

You guys, I need to vent for a minute. Well not vent, but really just share my sad, sad thoughts. Last night my favorite show ended…for good. Parenthood was on for six seasons and I’ve watched it from the very first pilot episode. I cried literally the entire finale. And basically the entirety of the show. I think maybe of all the episodes, there were 10 I didn’t cry in.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the show ever really gained the following it so obviously deserved (very much like FNL), but that shouldn’t take away from its fantastic writing and superb acting! I’m serious. If you don’t watch it and are looking for something to binge watch, do yourself a favor and queue it up on Netflix. A quick word of advice though, you really need to be a well hydrated individual to make it through the entire series in a binge watch.

Which brings me to my first read for this installment of Friday Link Love.

Here’s a great review of the finale episode,but obvs don’t read it if you haven’t watched it yet, there are clearly spoilers.

And also, because you didn’t cry enough last night; 19 of the best moments of Parenthood over its six seasons. Everyone looks so young!

Ok, moving on for you non-watchers.

Turns out Max’s sister is the best. SHE GOT ME A SELFIE STICK! I got a package in the mail when I got home Wednesday and inside was this wonderful belated Christmas gift. Best. Surprise. Ever. So in honor of my new gadget, you must watch this incredible video of a guy who makes the selfie stick way cooler than I ever could. You can follow him on Instagram too!

I have a new favorite website. It’s called Domaine. It’s really pretty. Check it out.

The Superbowl is on Sunday. Sorry, I guess I’m supposed to refer to it as “The Big Game.” Stupid copyrights. (Cough cough Ms. Swift…) But with the football comes the food, and some pretty good commercials! Here’s a roundup of some great grub to whip up for the game party.

Better stock up on your Kate Spade Saturday gear now, because they’re closin’ up shop. This comes right on the heels of C.Wonder and Piperlime closing their (figurative internet) doors, too. Gap (who owned Piperlime) suggested they’ll be focusing on their own brand, but in even MORE news this morning, the Gap creative director has stepped down and Gap announced they won’t be replacing the role.  I kind of feel like you need a creative director…so we’ll see how this goes.

You may remember my post about Chicago delivery services, now you can get stuff delivered, even without your phone. And by stuff, I mean almost anything.

Zagat has come out with its list of Top 50 restaurants in Chicago. I’m honestly shocked that I’ve only been to six of the place on here. I’m not sure that I trust this 100%, and I don’t think the people commenting do either. What’re your thoughts?

If ombre is out, then I’d better call my hairdresser. Here’s a look at 2015’s new hair color trend.

My leetle sister is turning 25 tomorrow, so Leslie, here ya go – 18 Changes Every Woman Will Go Through In Her Mid to Late 20’s.

That’s a wrap. I thought that would be a cheeky way to sign off today since I was on a photoshoot for the past two days and I said that at the end of each day because I’m cool like that. Things went really well and I’m starting to get excited about sharing the final product with you guys. Unfortunately, these things take time so it probably wont be for another two months. It’s hard to even believe that February starts on Sunday. Where did this month go?? Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend and Go Bears! Wait…



HAPPY FRIDAY! You made it, I’m so proud of you! This week was a good one for me, I booked our flights (with points, thanks Chase Sapphire Preferred!) out to Maine for our best friends’ wedding in June, I saw American Sniper, and I got to drink craft beer from Arcade Brewery (try the Grapefruit IPA or the Amber ale, both were delicious) and customize my own pair of Bucketfeet shoes at a fun event at Soho House last night. Plus my project at work is progressing without too many hiccups which is always a relief.

Not too much planned for this weekend which is always something I welcome. Dinner tomorrow night for the lil sis’ 25th. It becomes worrying when your younger siblings are turning 25! Because that just means you’re older than that. Woof. Anyway, hope you’ve got plenty of fun planned, and I’ll see you back here next week!



Forever 21 steppin’ up their denim game this spring. Love their skinnies on the cheap!

You guys, I’m literally dying. LITERALLY (haaaaay Skellie!). You know how they have a Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet before the Super Bowl? Well the puppies in this years game are the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. For real. I need them all. Especially Blue!

So…Chicago is getting a country music festival? It’s lookin’ that way. Weird but awesome?

Speaking of Chicago, Chicago Restaurant Week starts on the 30th, better make some ressies soon or you’re going to be SOL.

I’m drooling over the packaging of these whimsy fun ChickLit candles. Ordering one (or three) ASAP!

If you’re a purveyor of, a design friendly flash deal site, then you’re probably going to lust after, another flash site from the same founders. It’s like Fab and Etsy had a love child – Members Only. New Products Daily. Emerging Designers. Iconic Brands. Great Prices. Curated Shops. And lucky you! You can use my code to become a member early using this link and you’ll get a $10 credit when the site actually goes live! Plus the site is really pretty!

You probably heard about, which is exactly what it sounds like btw. But did you hear how much it sold for after only two weeks in business!? Why haven’t I come up with such a brilliant idea yet!?

How friggin delicious dos this spinach artichoke dip look? Gimme a crostini and leave me to die happy. And it’s made in a slow cooker!

Cheat sheet Friday! Buzz Feed comin’ in clutch as per usual, 27 incredibly helpful infographics to help you be a boss in the kitchen.

Here’s a little diddy to make your ears happy today, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran mashup? Yes please.

This chic Teddi Tote is 50% off right now before they overhaul it next week, grab your favorite color and run before they sell out. I think I need that burnt orange for spring, I’m not sure what’s on trend but I like it.

Have you guys seen the trailer for Tina Fey’s new Netflix show? Check it out here. I loved Ellie Kemper in Bridesmaids (and The Office, duh!) and we all have seen what Ms. Fey can do, so I’m beyond ready for this hilariousness! Plus it’s Netflix, so the whole season gets released at once — hurry up March 6th!

x. lauren

Friday Link Love 1.9.15


Hallelujah it’s Friday! Which means I’m ready to kick off my work boots and slip into my party pants! We’ve got a birthday party tonight at Whirleyball which is sure to be a blast!  As it so happens, I actually celebrated my own birthday there 15 or so years ago, I really hope my mad skills have stuck with me all this time. The rest of the weekend is unaccounted for, which means I’ll probably just hibernate on the couch in front of the fire avoiding the nightmare that is winter in Chicago. Party pants, shmarty pants, I’ll be wearing sweats. I hope whatever your plans are include wool socks and a little bit of Bailey’s in your coffee 😉

Without further ado, your Friday Link Love! (formerly Weekend Links)

Um, have you guys seen these new pictures of The Pillars of Creation that NASA released this week!? That’s just another name for the “the place stars are born”. Uh-mazing.

Speaking of space (since it’ll probably never happen again), I totally want to try this golden moon mural on the wall my bed is against – could be a pretty fun headboard replacement, right? Wax on…

Finally, an actual teenager gives his perspective on how teens view social media. I’m always trying to get the scoop on what ‘the kids’ are up to these days. Open Diary anyone?

A great talk by Gretchen Rubin on four ways to successfully adopt new habits. New years resolution makers, step right up.

In the event my monthly mantra wasn’t your style, download Cocorina’s r-rated motivational print. It’s fucking awesome! But seriously…it is.

You may have heard whipspers that Starbucks introduced a new drink to their menu earlier this week, and I’m here to tell you, the hype is real people. Flat white’s were my go-to coffee order when I was studying abroad in Sydney. Run and try one, it’ll change your life. I mean, honestly it probably won’t, but regardless, it’s pretty, pretty, pretty delicious.

I die for these surreal typographic posters by Pawel Nolbert – gimme gimme!

Science is saying you should buy experiences, not things. I’ve been saying this all my life. Science < Me.

If you’ll recall, one of my goals for 2015 was to get into a morning routine. See the ironic (am I using this wrong, Alanis really screwed me over here) reason you’re so tired all the time. Stop snoozin’ sista!

You’ve probably seen this list of 30 Things That Start to Happen When You’re Almost 30. #28 and #29 – ding ding ding!

I’m never one to pass on pizza (pizza is my boyfriend) but damn, these calzones look friggin’ delicious!

Here’s a really great roundup of all the female required reading from 2014. Study up buttercup. Just kidding, it’s not actually required, but taking a quick skim would probably be good for ya. Creatives, this one’s for you. But everyone else, you should read it to, super interesting. Behind the scenes is my favorite place to be sometimes.

Max and I just watched The Grand Budapest Hotel last week, and while the story wasn’t phenomenal, the art direction was. Take a look at how Wes Anderson’s cinematographer captured 10 amazing shots in some of his most beloved films.

Have a great weekend friends, see ya next week!