Spending & reading

So basically I went crazy in terms of shopping this month. Like, actually crazy. I think I hit up the outlet mall 3 of the last 4 weekends and then did some online shopping and picked up some other random things in the city as per usual. Which in turn means I’ll be going on a SPENDING FREEEEEEZE come June 1st. Seriously. No spending money on any clothes. 30 days of wearing what I already own. I’m not too worried, just really sad. But I know I’ll thank myself come July 1 and I still have money in the bank. I’ll keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds. 

In other news, I want to introduce you to an awesome blog that I came across two or three months ago that I absolutely love. It’s called Underground New York City Library. I mean what a genius idea. Photos upon photos of people reading on the subway in NYC. Absolutely fascinating getting to see what sort of people are reading what sort of book. A woman named Ourit Ben-Haim started the blog and provides links to purchase or borrow the books in the photos. I love it. Unfortunately she hasn’t updated in about a month, but definitely take a few minutes to peruse through the archives. Here are a few of my favorites. (shots, not books, as I haven’t read ’em…yet)

I think someone should most definitely start this in Chicago. I also need to find some new reading material for the summer, any suggestions are more than welcome! I miss my kindle, totally time for that bad boy to come out of hiding. 

PS – Go blackhawks! Eight more games ’til we’re drankin’ champagne out of the cup…again.