Skirting the Line: Skirt Roundup Under $60

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Now that it’s unofficially summer, I think that means that it’s officially skirt season. Skirts are a working girls gift from the fashion industry when it gets as hot as it does in Chicago in the summer. Can’t wear shorts to the office, but pants are far, far too suffocating when you’re taking two different lines to get to work. Enter: skirts. They’re breezy and really let ya air out that undercarriage when its too hot to handle. Plus they’ve got all sorts of styles. Admission: I honestly did not know why maxi skirts were called maxi until about a year ago. Mini, short. Maxi, long. Simple logic that I just did. not. get. Sue me. And alas, now we’ve got the midi as well. Min, mid, max. It just makes so much sense! 

Anywho, I thought I’d roundup some of my favorites from around the web. Better yet, I thought I’d keep ’em all under $60 because I’m thoughtful like that. These babies range from $16-$60 (with current discounts), so find the one you like and scoop it up because it’s already starting to heat up out there! Let me know if you’ve found any great skirt steals, or let me know your favorite!

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  • Brittany Michuda

    It shows skirt 1 being $98!