Rainy Day Roundup

Happy Monday! Hope everyone’s weekend was as relaxing as mine. I got to hang out with the boyfriend, spend time with the extended family, work on blog stuff, and attend a baby shower/blackhawks viewing party. I’d chalk that up to a pretty good weekend.

I also took the plunge and chopped off my locks. I’d been debating this for awhile but was really nervous because I loved my long hair. But it was definitely something that needed to be done. While I’m fine with spending money on some things, getting my hair cut is not one of those things. It’s just so hard for me to justify spending $40 for someone to trim a half inch of hair every 6 weeks. I can’t and I won’t. Which is how my ends get to the point of looking like they’ve been fried and then deep fried. In other words, they were not pretty, or healthy. Pretty sure my stylist was appalled, but pretending not to be. Thanks Hannah!  Luckily she did a great job though and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I also splurged on a Keratin treatment because it was on sale, so now my hair is smooth as a baby’s bottom, though I haven’t really been around too many baby bottoms so I can’t actually verify that as fact. Please enjoy this awkwardly serious selfie.

Anywho, it seems like we’re finally out of those terribly awful woods that I like to call: winter. But as soon as the cold seemed to disappear, the rain has taken its place. The outlook for the week in Chicago is rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. Cool. Reeeeal cool. Not. Can we just have some normal, NICE weather? Is that too much to ask? Until then, let’s make sure that you’re still lookin’ cute even when it’s the exact opposite of cute outside. Check out some of my favorite rainy day gear in the roundup below.