Inappropriate Etsy V-Day Card Roundup

So I realize that it’s only January, but like it or not, Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us. While I may have a boyfriend on the 14th, I’m not really big into making a big scene out of the day. It’s kind of how I feel about New Years Eve, I’d rather sit on the couch with some netflix and carryout than deal with the crowds. Last year Max and I spent V-day watching House of Cards and eating ‘za. The year before that we spent it killing Portillos and binging on Breaking Bad. My personal suggestion: go to dinner the week before, it’ll likely feel more special since everyone around you won’t be doing the exact same thing as you.

Anywho, since we’re pretty lax on the holiday, I at least like to get Max a card and write a lil diddy about how much I like him and thank him for doing the dishes all the time and putting up with my hair all over the bathroom floor. He’s good like that. I like to keep my cards one on the lighter side. And the more inappropriate side, because hey, I’m inapproriate. I think every card I give is probably borderline NSFW. Meh, c’est la vie.

And I’m sorry Target, but I’m goin’ rouge this year. Etsy, here I come!  I’m on the hunt for the most perfectly inappropriate/hilarious/still-kinda-seem-like-I-like-you card. I haven’t found it yet. But I started early for the first time in my life, so we’ve got some time. But since these are Etsy shops we can’t expect them to have the same sort of inventory situation that Hallmark is sittin’ on, so ordering now is your best bet at making sure that the card you want isn’t sold out. Plus, some of these shop owners are international, so ya gotta give ’em some time for shipping. You’re welcome for being so ahead of the game on this one. It doesn’t happen often, relish it! (said the hotdog)

So without further ado, here are a few that had me chuckling. Er, I don’t know if I’ve ever technically ‘chuckled’ but I was definitely laughing to myself. None of these five fit the bill for what I’m looking for, but they were good enough to share with you guys. But that also means I’ll have a few more of these roundups while I continue my search, so don’t forget to check back. I’m talking to all you single ladies too, I’ll be sure to roundup some cards for you gals, because honestly, they’re the funniest. Enjoy! And happy Tuesday!

Inappropriate Etsy V-Day Card Roundup

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