Holiday Gift Guides: The Coffee Addict

Everyone has that friend who has the Starbucks gold card. Or the one who is BFF with the man working the drive thru at Dunkin. Or the one who can’t have a lucid conversation with you until they’re two cups in. The Coffee Addict is in all of our lives. Lurking. Hopefully this Holiday Gift Guide for The Coffee Addict will prove to be a help to find them that perfect present.

Holiday Gift Guide for The Coffee Addict


1. Coffee Bean Necklace
Um…hi, how friggin adorable are these necklaces? It’s safe to say that I have never seen a cuter coffee bean than this coffee bean right here. This is the absolute perfect present for the brew lover in your life.

2. Misto Box Subscription
his is another one of those subscription boxes, yes. But, it’s different in that you personalize your profile based on the notes, blends or roasts that you prefer, and expert curators find coffees that will fit perfectly to your palette. Plus Misto Box says they work with some of the best artesian roasters in the country, so everything that comes is in a box is sure to taste great.

3. Kappu Coffee Scoop and Bag Closure
As a designer, there are a lot of products that I would buy based solely on how they look. This is one of them. This scoop/clip is so simplistic and beautiful that I want to buy it for myself. But that would mean I’d need to start buying bags of coffee. I just might.

4. Grumpy Cat Grumppacino
Yes, you read that correctly. Yes, I still want to be best friends with Aubrey Plaza aka Grumpy Cat. Which is why this is on the list. But also because every now and then I like to grab a glass bottle of Starbucks Frappacino from the cooler in line at the grocery store because, nostalgia. But how funny would this to be to give to your favorite s’bucks lovin’ pal? And I bet it’s good. Plus it’s gluten free and GMO free, if you care about that kinda crap. Grump grummmmmp.

5. Cool Beans Ice Tray
alk about a cool gift! Pun intended, you’re welcome. But let’s freeze for a second and get serious. See what I did there? Ok, for real, I’m gonna spill the beans. (Heh!) This ice tray is made from super-strong, dishwasher safe silicone and is perfect for freezing your coffee into cubes so that your ice coffee is cold, not watered down. I sound like an infomercial. I’m not gonna apologize. You iced coffee cohort will love it.

6. Coffee and Like 2 People Tee
Speaking of caring about crap, please direct your attention to this perfect tee. For me, it’s more like all I care about is cheese and pasta and bread and like two people, but this is not for me.  So give this to a friend that only cares about coffee and two other people, as long as you’re sure that one of those two people is you.

7. Bodum Milk Frother
I’ll admit that I go into Starbucks and either order a passion tea or a latte. Never do I order a regular coffee and it’s because I love the froth the latte gives me. And recently, but actually a long time ago but I just recently remembered, I learned about battery operated milk frothers. These babies can froth up milk or creamer to top off the perfect cup of joe.

8. Romantic Floral Stacking Mugs
World Market is my new jam. I don’t even feel embarrased saying that. I became a member of their Members Club too, and the deals and discounts are prettay nice if I do say so myself. But these colorful stacking mugs are affordable and adorable and would make a thoughtful gift for the coffee loving friend who’s always running out of space.

I hope that you were able to cross another person off your list with this gift guide. If not, maybe you found something for yourself. And if you’re still shaking your head, you can always come back for more guides next week. I know the countdown is getting shorter and windows to order gifts are narrowing, so I’ll try my best to make sure some of these gifts are available in stores near you.