Friday Link Love 2.20.15


TGI Friggin’ F. And that’s an understatement. I thought that blizzard was bad that we had two weeks ago, but after the arctic blast that hit Chicago yesterday, I’m really not even decided on which is worse. But hey, it’s looking like a heatwave over the weekend, highs in the 30’s, break out the bikinis! Ok maybe I’m jumping the gun on that one, but at least the weekend won’t be too miserable. Then again, you know how much I trust the weathermen…so I won’t hold my breath. Until then, I’ve got some Friday Link Love for ya! Also, there’s only one week left in February!? What is happening!?

Since we’re on the subject of the cold, you have to see these pics of Niagara Falls, frozen! The last time I was there was for my aunt and uncles wedding five years ago, and it most definitely didn’t look like this!

Two of my favorite things in the world: s’mores and thin mints…combined! IF YOU KNOW A GIRL SCOUT, CALL ME, I NEED TO MAKE THESE!

Kimmel’s at it again, Fashion Week or Photoshop, you decide.

For all you newly engaged gals, in case you missed it, Anthro started a registry, helllllllo! Married or single? Good, go shop anyways with an extra 25% off sale items.

Oh baby, we might have a game changing new eyelash curler. No longer will women endure the inner-lash pinch!

But since that may not be on the market for awhile, here’s another alternative from Benefit, how I love thee!

J.Crew has updated their new arrivals right on the heels of NYFW. I’ll have one of each please, but specifically this, this and this. Plus 20% off right now! Which reminds me, looking at all of these spring styles, I could really use a vacation! Cough, cough Leslie, call that hotel! 

I’ve been sleeping like shit lately, so this article SHOULD come in handy, but something tells me I have no control over my body once I’m no longer awake…but I’ll give it a try!

Is your dog a bit bigger than pint size, preventing you from carrying it around with you everywhere in your purse? Carmichael Collective presents: Big Dog Purse! I die.

Uh, how amazing is this constellation ear crawler!? I must have it.

And speaking of space, have you guys read about Mars One? This is seriously too wild to even think about. One way ticket to Mars. One. Way. 

The Blackhawks are back at it again, being way too cute for words! Looks like I found my girl scout though! Maybe I can just knock on Johnny’s door and eat some of his cookies?

That’s all friends, hope you all have a spectacular weekend, I’ll see you back here next week. And get excited, I’ve got my annual Chili Cookoff at work on Thursday, so I’ll be sharing my recipe on the blog soon. But not before Thursday because then all my co-workers would just steal my recipe (since it obviously won last year, suckas!) and we’d all have winning pots. At least we’d know that every entry would be delicious though…