Friday Link Love 1.9.15


Hallelujah it’s Friday! Which means I’m ready to kick off my work boots and slip into my party pants! We’ve got a birthday party tonight at Whirleyball which is sure to be a blast!  As it so happens, I actually celebrated my own birthday there 15 or so years ago, I really hope my mad skills have stuck with me all this time. The rest of the weekend is unaccounted for, which means I’ll probably just hibernate on the couch in front of the fire avoiding the nightmare that is winter in Chicago. Party pants, shmarty pants, I’ll be wearing sweats. I hope whatever your plans are include wool socks and a little bit of Bailey’s in your coffee 😉

Without further ado, your Friday Link Love! (formerly Weekend Links)

Um, have you guys seen these new pictures of The Pillars of Creation that NASA released this week!? That’s just another name for the “the place stars are born”. Uh-mazing.

Speaking of space (since it’ll probably never happen again), I totally want to try this golden moon mural on the wall my bed is against – could be a pretty fun headboard replacement, right? Wax on…

Finally, an actual teenager gives his perspective on how teens view social media. I’m always trying to get the scoop on what ‘the kids’ are up to these days. Open Diary anyone?

A great talk by Gretchen Rubin on four ways to successfully adopt new habits. New years resolution makers, step right up.

In the event my monthly mantra wasn’t your style, download Cocorina’s r-rated motivational print. It’s fucking awesome! But seriously…it is.

You may have heard whipspers that Starbucks introduced a new drink to their menu earlier this week, and I’m here to tell you, the hype is real people. Flat white’s were my go-to coffee order when I was studying abroad in Sydney. Run and try one, it’ll change your life. I mean, honestly it probably won’t, but regardless, it’s pretty, pretty, pretty delicious.

I die for these surreal typographic posters by Pawel Nolbert – gimme gimme!

Science is saying you should buy experiences, not things. I’ve been saying this all my life. Science < Me.

If you’ll recall, one of my goals for 2015 was to get into a morning routine. See the ironic (am I using this wrong, Alanis really screwed me over here) reason you’re so tired all the time. Stop snoozin’ sista!

You’ve probably seen this list of 30 Things That Start to Happen When You’re Almost 30. #28 and #29 – ding ding ding!

I’m never one to pass on pizza (pizza is my boyfriend) but damn, these calzones look friggin’ delicious!

Here’s a really great roundup of all the female required reading from 2014. Study up buttercup. Just kidding, it’s not actually required, but taking a quick skim would probably be good for ya. Creatives, this one’s for you. But everyone else, you should read it to, super interesting. Behind the scenes is my favorite place to be sometimes.

Max and I just watched The Grand Budapest Hotel last week, and while the story wasn’t phenomenal, the art direction was. Take a look at how Wes Anderson’s cinematographer captured 10 amazing shots in some of his most beloved films.

Have a great weekend friends, see ya next week!