Dresses for Summer Weddings – Under $60

Welp, there goes the long weekend. Hope you made the most of it cause we’re not getting another day off work until September. It’s gonna be a lonnng two months. But it now being July, it seems that wedding season is in full swing. Luckily for my wallet, we only have two to attend this year, one the end of this month! But something tells me next year will be full of ’em, I’ve already got three lined up and we’ve still got six months left for people to get engaged! But the problem with so many weddings is no one wants to be seen in pictures wearing the same dress twice. Especially the guys. #worst

But seriously, it’s an issue. So what’s a girl to do? Be wedding web savvy! There are always beautiful dresses to be found that won’t necessarily break the bank, it’s just a matter of finding them. So today I’m sharing some of my favorite dresses for summer weddings, and they’re all under $60. Since we’re almost into mid July I thought it best to stick with sleeveless silhouettes. So if you’re on the hunt for some pretty dresses to look classy at the ceremony but then let loose at the reception, look no further. These dresses are classy enough to go from church to open bar!

Dresses for Summer Weddings - Under $60

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Where do you find your dresses for summer weddings? Do you think it’s a big deal if you’re seen wearing the same dress to two in the same season or am I making it a bigger issue than it is? Let me know so I can save some doll hairs! But then again, buying new dresses is always fun regardless! Plus a lot of these would be perfect for the ladies’ bachelorette party too!


  • http://www.simplyelegantblog.com Nan

    What a great collection of dresses, I love number 2!
    Ohh yes so hard to buy dressing for weddings throughout the summer, I think you can totally wear the same dress another time. I just usually try to style it with different accessories!
    xo Nan ~ Simply Elegant Blog