Playlists for the People: February

Holy moly Chicago, how about this blizzard?! I basically never have faith in what the weathermen tell me because thet tend to be wrong a good chunk of the time, but hey, they were right this time, so now we must deal. It’s actually really pretty though, so I’m not even that upset about it. Especially since we’ve got a heated garage spot at our new place, no more digging out and dealing with Chicago “dibs“. Hopefully everyone was able to get to work safely this morning though! Actually, better yet, I hope a day off or the option to to work from home!

Anyway, since we’re now into February (uh…what?!) I’ve got a new Playlist For The People for ya. New music for a new month is kind of how I like to reset. I’ve added a lot of newly discovered artists on here too, so let me know who you’ve been listening to lately down in the comments! And don’t forget if you’re on Spotify, you can listen here and follow all my playlists here.

Playlists For The People: February2015

Playlists for the People: January 2015

Hello friends! Happy Thursday! We’re one day closer to the weekend! It’s been a hot second since I’ve posted a playlist so I thought I should make a point to share one with you at least once a month and I think I’ll call it Playlists for the People. I live for good tunes so this is something I’m excited to share with you.

Just a heads up, I’m honestly into all sorts of musical genres, so expect a smattering. If you’re a Spotify member, you can listen here! If you’re not using Spotify, get your head straight, stop what you’re doing and sign up! Also, lemme know what music you’ve been jammin’ to this January, I’m always on the hunt for new bands, so help a sista out!

Playlists for the People: January 2015


Tunes on a Tues | 4.22

Hey all. Since today is Tuesday, I thought I’d share a playlist with you. Hopefully some of the artists on here are new to you and you fall madly, deeply in love with them. That happened to me with the Wild Feathers. I saw them at the Double Door a few months back and they were phenomenal. Plus they made a lil bit of a cameo on Nashville a few episodes back. (Guilty pleasure! I just love Connie Britton too much) But moral of the blog post is, this playlist is pretty rad. It’s mostly folksy, indie-ish stuff, but it’s all pretty awesome. My favorite song on it is Destination by Nickel Creek. If you didn’t know, they’re back from something like an 8 year hiatus. I almost saw them in Nashville at the Ryman this past weekend but unfortunately it just didn’t work out. Fortunately though, I was informed by the media yesterday that they’ll be headlining The Taste of Chicago on the 11th. Mark your calendars. Here is the rest of the lineup. Pretty pumped about Aloe Blacc Gary Clark Jr too! Hurry up summer, it’s time for this girl to sit in the grass that she’s allergic too and breakout in hives while listening to great music! Hope you enjoy.

Don’t forget to subscribe to this playlist on Spotify here.


Tunes on a Tuesday: Run Girl Run Edition

Today I thought it would be fun to share my workout playlist with you. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been pretty on point about getting my ass to the gym after work, even when it was FREEEEZING out and all anyone wanted to do was get home. But it’s definitely paid off, working out coupled with cleaning up my eating, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds since Christmas. Before that, I hated working out. I was an athlete all the way up until college, when I went to an art school and sports kind of disappeared out of my life, along with any form of physical activity. But over the past three months, I’ve really learned to look at getting in a run or a HIIT routine as more of something I enjoy than a task. If you look at it as a chore, it will never be fun. And I think my playlists have a lot to do with it becoming something fun.

So in this list, you’ll notice that most of the songs are pretty upbeat. I’ve found that, for myself, the higher the BPM (beats per minute), the harder I push. If an Eminem song comes on, I tend to sprint the entire verse. I love him for working out, he’s just so angry and all that yelling makes me want to work harder, I can’t explain it! I’m real stoked he’s coming to Lollapalooza this year. Anyway, theres an awesome website called that helps you find songs that match up with your running pace. Pop in your minutes per mile and it spits out thousands of songs for you. Or it works backwards, search a song and it tells you what pace it best fits with, so that way you can set a goal like, today I want to stay at a 8:20 pace for three miles, so you could curate your playlist that day with songs that should keep you at that pace. It’s genius really. My favorite song to keep pace to is So Good by B.O.B. (a 171 bpm’er)

Remember, you can access or subscribe to this playlist on Spotify right here. If you don’t use Spotify, I just really don’t understand you. It is far and away the best $10 a month that I spend. Even moreso than getting guac with my chipotle. But you don’t even have to pay, you can use Spotify for free, you’ll just have to put up with ads between songs. Nothing you’re not used to from listening to the radio your entire life, so suck if up if you don’t want to pay.  But it’s free. Like, why are you buying songs on iTunes still? Please, explain.  And as of recently, you can even use Spotify Mobile for free. As long as you create a playlist, you can listen to it from your phone, the only caveat is you don’t get to choose the order, it shuffles the playlist or album. But honestly, I shuffle my playlist every time anyway to switch it up. So give it a try, let me know how you like it. What’re your favorite songs to work out to? Also, I’ll be sure to post about some of my favorite fitness apps soon, some of them are life changing! Technology, what a gem.


Tunes on a Tuesday No. 6

Guys. this is major. the blackhawks are going to the stanley cup. AGAIN. I can’t control my excitement. I’ve already secured tickets to game 5 at the United Center and I’m FREAKING OUT! I’m not counting this against my spending freeze because this is a total yolo moment. As in, this is a once (or twice) in a lifetime kinda thing! Just prepare yourself for a lot of hockey talk on here for the next two or so weeks.

yes, that is me with the stanley cup in 2010 the day after they won.  I was sweaty, get over it.

In other news, it’s Tuesday. Which means it’s time for some tunes. I want to first say that the new Jimmy Eat World album officially released today, so jump on that. And secondly another album to check out that was released last week was the new City and Colour album, The Hurry and The Harm. This is a canadian singer/songwriter by the name of Dallas Green (get it? city and colour?) who killed it at Lolla last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve been listening to this new album all week and can’t get enough. 

And lastly, here’s a playlist to get you through this week!

or here on grooveshark.

also, the last song on the playlist is a friend’s band, Fletcher Rockwell, and they’re awesome but their stuff isn’t on grooveshark yet, so go check them out here if you don’t have spotify.