Friday Link Love 2.20.15


TGI Friggin’ F. And that’s an understatement. I thought that blizzard was bad that we had two weeks ago, but after the arctic blast that hit Chicago yesterday, I’m really not even decided on which is worse. But hey, it’s looking like a heatwave over the weekend, highs in the 30’s, break out the bikinis! Ok maybe I’m jumping the gun on that one, but at least the weekend won’t be too miserable. Then again, you know how much I trust the weathermen…so I won’t hold my breath. Until then, I’ve got some Friday Link Love for ya! Also, there’s only one week left in February!? What is happening!?

Since we’re on the subject of the cold, you have to see these pics of Niagara Falls, frozen! The last time I was there was for my aunt and uncles wedding five years ago, and it most definitely didn’t look like this!

Two of my favorite things in the world: s’mores and thin mints…combined! IF YOU KNOW A GIRL SCOUT, CALL ME, I NEED TO MAKE THESE!

Kimmel’s at it again, Fashion Week or Photoshop, you decide.

For all you newly engaged gals, in case you missed it, Anthro started a registry, helllllllo! Married or single? Good, go shop anyways with an extra 25% off sale items.

Oh baby, we might have a game changing new eyelash curler. No longer will women endure the inner-lash pinch!

But since that may not be on the market for awhile, here’s another alternative from Benefit, how I love thee!

J.Crew has updated their new arrivals right on the heels of NYFW. I’ll have one of each please, but specifically this, this and this. Plus 20% off right now! Which reminds me, looking at all of these spring styles, I could really use a vacation! Cough, cough Leslie, call that hotel! 

I’ve been sleeping like shit lately, so this article SHOULD come in handy, but something tells me I have no control over my body once I’m no longer awake…but I’ll give it a try!

Is your dog a bit bigger than pint size, preventing you from carrying it around with you everywhere in your purse? Carmichael Collective presents: Big Dog Purse! I die.

Uh, how amazing is this constellation ear crawler!? I must have it.

And speaking of space, have you guys read about Mars One? This is seriously too wild to even think about. One way ticket to Mars. One. Way. 

The Blackhawks are back at it again, being way too cute for words! Looks like I found my girl scout though! Maybe I can just knock on Johnny’s door and eat some of his cookies?

That’s all friends, hope you all have a spectacular weekend, I’ll see you back here next week. And get excited, I’ve got my annual Chili Cookoff at work on Thursday, so I’ll be sharing my recipe on the blog soon. But not before Thursday because then all my co-workers would just steal my recipe (since it obviously won last year, suckas!) and we’d all have winning pots. At least we’d know that every entry would be delicious though…


15 Things You May Not Know About Me


Today I thought it would be fun to share some things about myself that you probably don’t know already. Let’s get to it!

1. I was a competitive figure skater for the first half of my life. I started skating because my brother was taking classes and they gave out cookies at the end of class. I wanted the cookies. So I skated. Anyone surprised? I’m not.

2. I’ve never in my life eaten a Dorito.  And I’ve had exactly one Sun Chip, but only because Max forced it upon me. I’ve only had ketchup once and it was only because I told a guy at a bar and he told me he’d buy me a drink if I tried it. I don’t turn down free drinks.

3. My best friend and I share the same name. We met freshman year of high school but have since discovered we went to preschool together too! Also, I love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday. You guys like my eyebrows?


4. I’m deathly afraid of birds of any kind. To the point where I dodge pigeons on the other side of the street. It’s not completely irrational, I’ve had multiple bad experiences with all different types. Fuck birds for reals.

5. I got to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef while studying abroad in Australia. I studied in Sydney but spent a few days in Cairns (north eastern Australia) where we scuba dove and visited a rain forest and got to hold koalas and play with kangaroos!


6. While I was down under, I also made my way to New Zealand where I did the second highest bungee jump in the world…twice. I figured it would probably be awhile since I made it back there, had to get my money’s worth!


7. I will never get sick of my mom’s baked mac and cheese. She uses white cheddar Cheese-Itz instead of breadcrumbs on top. Literally. The. Best. Thing. Ever.

8. I’m obsessed with cookings competition shows. I could watch Chopped, Top Chef, Master Chef, Guy’s Grocery Games, Master Chef Jr. all day, errrrday. Yes, that last one is a cooking competition show with children. Judge if you must.

9. I’m loud. It’s hard to really get that across via a blog, but it’s true. I blame my mother. But this isn’t any kind of new development either, I was voted “Loudest” of my senior class. And my senior class was about 900 people, soooo…take that as you will.

10. I’ve lived in Chicago for eight years, sometimes even I’m shocked by that! I’ve lived in the South Loop, Lincoln Park, Lakeview and now the West Loop. #westloopisthebestloop

11. In addition to figure skating, I played soccer competitively for as long as I can remember. My club teams were regularly ranked in the top five nationally. But when college rolled around I decided it was the end of the line. Probably a good thing since Columbia College doesn’t even have a mascot. Or maybe it does? I don’t know.

12. While I may be a graphic designer for a living, I absolutely CANNOT draw. In college, my BFF David and I would take pictures of what we were supposed to draw for class, then put the images on the light box and trace the picture like we’d drawn it on our own. Our professor called us out into the hall to ask who was doing whose work because they looked so similar. So, yes, we were in fact cheating, just not in the way he thought.

13. I have dual citizenship in the US and Canada. My mom’s Canadian and my dad grew up all over as an army brat. They met in Jamaica and the rest is history. You know, like getting married at a courthouse to prevent deportation. Isn’t that how everyones parents got married?

15. I have this weird thing where I have to look at the menu of a restaurant before I eat there. I think there’s only been two times in recent memory that I went to dinner without knowing exactly what was on the menu. I’m a freak.

15. My team is the Blackhawks. They always have been, always will be. See above: mother is Canadian. I actually partied with the team both times they won the Stanley Cup in 2010 and 2013. I’m gonna brag about that because it was awesome and I don’t care.

Stanley Cup


Currently Coveting: Valentine’s Day

Currently Coveting: Valentine's Day Edition


New plan, and I’m sure you’ve seen it around blogtown, but on Thursday’s you’ll be seeing the things I’ve got my eye on, that I wish I could splurge on, or are just down right swoon-worthy with Currently Coveting.

With that lovey-dovey holiday just two days away now, I thought perhaps I’d round up some pretty-in-pink products for you to oogle over. Plus self-love is always encouraged, so #treatyoself and maybe buy yourself one or two of these beauties! Ok, enough chit chat, let’s get to it!

Lace Bralette | It comes in a slate grey color too, peek-a-boo!
Heart Dish | We all need a little reminder to ensure our heart is in the right place
Kiss, Kiss Postcard Set | Perfect snail mail to send your gal pals!
NARS The Multiple | Use it on your eyes, lips, and face! Triple threat in Orgasm.
FRENDS Headphones | Been lusting after these babies foreva, who wants to make it official?
Passionfruit candies | Passionfruit is my absolute fav, so obvi these made the cut!
Capri Candle | My favorite candle ever, all dressed up for the occasion!
Geometric Towel Set | Geo + neon pink edges? Yes please!
Je T’aime Print | Because who doesn’t want gold foil on their wall right now?

Byeeeeeeeeeeee. (said like Violetta on Real World. Yeah, guys I’m watching The Real World, suck it!)


Friday Link Love 2.6.15

I hope everyone survived that blizzard situation that happened this week, I can attest that it was a real betch to Chicago. I’m gonna make this little diddy short today because I’ve got a lot of links. But in the process of putting this post together I noticed that it’s abnormally female empowering, so…go girl!

What’re everyone go goin on this weekend? Should be a full one for me,  I’ve got a birthday party, a bridal shower and checking out Siena Tavern during Chicago Restaurant Week. Other than that, I’ll likely be spending it getting lost in my latest book, All The Light We Cannot See. What’re you guys reading reading right now? I’ll see ya back here next week with some last minute Valentine’s Day gift guides – I’m talkin’ to you procrastinators!




Speaking of Valentine’s Day, let’s take a minute to send some love to some people who probably need it more than we do, sick kiddos. This year you can send valentines to the little cuties over at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. It takes two minutes to send ’em a smile, just do it! (Thanks for sharing Kate!)

We can all thank my mother for this one. Waffle iron recipes that will blow your mind. Here. You were gonna google it anyway after watching that video, this one is rated extremely well on Amazon and under $50.

Regardless of the fact it’s my livelihood, Photoshop is totally out of control in the media. (Exhibit A. And B. And C.) So let’s work to fix it by signing this petition to help creative positive change for young women by reducing Photoshop in magazines.

I die for fresh flowers in the apartment, but arrangements can get expensive. Take a minute (literally one minute and one second) to watch this video on how to make your own on the cheap.

This girl’s got some pipes! Watch this 12-year old star beat the odds when she covers John Legend.

One of my guilty pleasures used to be the show Nashville, because Tami Taylor, duh. But I kind of fell off watching a season ago, but these sisters are too talented not to share their cover too!

Scout is back! I can only imagine all the yelps of joy the freshman language arts teachers across the country let out when they heard the news.

Jimmy’s in LA this week and so far this has been my favorite segment, but who knows what’ll happen tonight!

This is so awesome, it’s about time all body sizes start to be recognized! But at the same time, that is what our society is considering plus size now? Come on.

Hey boys, how about you don’t. Just let us have this one. #likeagirl


Kate Spade Collaborations to Love

What’s the one thing that Target time and time again excels at? Not counting guaranteeing that you walk out with waaaay more than you came in for, and a lot less money. Facewash, a Vitamin Water and tampons  turns into needing a basket and leaving with three bags. But no, Target continually excels at their collaborations. That’s their thing niche now, and you know what, whoever held up their hand in that original brainstorm had better have been promoted. Because people go friggin’ ga-ga over collaborations.

Collabs are the new thing. I realize that they’ve been happening for awhile, but now it’s bigger, better, who can team up with who to form the ultimate brand product. Everyone is collaborating, in a valiant attempt to bring loyal customer bases across the aisles. I’ll admit, sometimes they reel me in, other times they don’t. But that’s not to say that I don’t love ’em as much as the next girl. Collaborations are something to get excited over. So when I saw that Kate Spade Saturday has not one, but TWO new collaborations, I did a little happy dance.


kate spade x new balance

First up, Kate Spade Saturday and New Balance! The two big brands have teamed up to make cross-trainers look goooood. The five (it seems like I can only purchase four of the styles on either brands website right now though) different patterns come in two existing women’s styles; the earlier WX711 and the more recent January release, WX811. They’re all in keeping with Saturday’s playful, colorful, patterned charm, while still managing to emblazon the New Balance signature N, on the side. Each pair will sell for $95, which I would consider a relatively reasonable price for a pair of well-made training shoes that look like these beauties! Bring it on Nike! Ok jk, I love Nike too! Ps, the images below were found on and, and you can shop the shoes either place.

Kate Spade x New Balance Stripes Kate Spade x New Balance GreyKate Spade x New Balance Yellow

Kate Spade x New Balance Black

kate spade x west elm

Oh hellllllo! Kate Spade Saturday is also expanding their colorful and geometric style to homewares and I for one couldn’t be happier! Now you can enjoy Saturday everyday of the week when you shop West Elm. From rugs and bedding to furniture and accessories, you’re likely to find something that screams from your computer screen, BUY ME! Admit it, a few pops of color is just what everyone needs right now, especially if you’re in Chicago, it’s brown slush citttty! Shop the entire collection here. And if you’re like me and into winning stuff, you can enter to win $2,000 from Kate Spade and West Elm right hurrrr. And hey, telling you about this contest is basically lowering my chances of winning, so you’re welcome!

Kate Spade x West Elm

Kate Spade x West Elm


Now you may be wondering to yourself, didn’t this girl just tell me that Kate Spade Saturday was closing its doors? I did, but I wasn’t entirely correct on that front. Turns out, they’re only closing their brick and mortar locations, so Kate Spade Saturday will live solely online now. Which is fine with me since we never even had a Chicago location to begin with!

What’re some of your favorite past brand collaborations? Are you excited about either of these ones? If so, what do you have you eye on? Let me know in the comments below!