Currently Coveting: Valentine’s Day

Currently Coveting: Valentine's Day Edition


New plan, and I’m sure you’ve seen it around blogtown, but on Thursday’s you’ll be seeing the things I’ve got my eye on, that I wish I could splurge on, or are just down right swoon-worthy with Currently Coveting.

With that lovey-dovey holiday just two days away now, I thought perhaps I’d round up some pretty-in-pink products for you to oogle over. Plus self-love is always encouraged, so #treatyoself and maybe buy yourself one or two of these beauties! Ok, enough chit chat, let’s get to it!

Lace Bralette | It comes in a slate grey color too, peek-a-boo!
Heart Dish | We all need a little reminder to ensure our heart is in the right place
Kiss, Kiss Postcard Set | Perfect snail mail to send your gal pals!
NARS The Multiple | Use it on your eyes, lips, and face! Triple threat in Orgasm.
FRENDS Headphones | Been lusting after these babies foreva, who wants to make it official?
Passionfruit candies | Passionfruit is my absolute fav, so obvi these made the cut!
Capri Candle | My favorite candle ever, all dressed up for the occasion!
Geometric Towel Set | Geo + neon pink edges? Yes please!
Je T’aime Print | Because who doesn’t want gold foil on their wall right now?

Byeeeeeeeeeeee. (said like Violetta on Real World. Yeah, guys I’m watching The Real World, suck it!)


Kate Spade Collaborations to Love

What’s the one thing that Target time and time again excels at? Not counting guaranteeing that you walk out with waaaay more than you came in for, and a lot less money. Facewash, a Vitamin Water and tampons  turns into needing a basket and leaving with three bags. But no, Target continually excels at their collaborations. That’s their thing niche now, and you know what, whoever held up their hand in that original brainstorm had better have been promoted. Because people go friggin’ ga-ga over collaborations.

Collabs are the new thing. I realize that they’ve been happening for awhile, but now it’s bigger, better, who can team up with who to form the ultimate brand product. Everyone is collaborating, in a valiant attempt to bring loyal customer bases across the aisles. I’ll admit, sometimes they reel me in, other times they don’t. But that’s not to say that I don’t love ’em as much as the next girl. Collaborations are something to get excited over. So when I saw that Kate Spade Saturday has not one, but TWO new collaborations, I did a little happy dance.


kate spade x new balance

First up, Kate Spade Saturday and New Balance! The two big brands have teamed up to make cross-trainers look goooood. The five (it seems like I can only purchase four of the styles on either brands website right now though) different patterns come in two existing women’s styles; the earlier WX711 and the more recent January release, WX811. They’re all in keeping with Saturday’s playful, colorful, patterned charm, while still managing to emblazon the New Balance signature N, on the side. Each pair will sell for $95, which I would consider a relatively reasonable price for a pair of well-made training shoes that look like these beauties! Bring it on Nike! Ok jk, I love Nike too! Ps, the images below were found on and, and you can shop the shoes either place.

Kate Spade x New Balance Stripes Kate Spade x New Balance GreyKate Spade x New Balance Yellow

Kate Spade x New Balance Black

kate spade x west elm

Oh hellllllo! Kate Spade Saturday is also expanding their colorful and geometric style to homewares and I for one couldn’t be happier! Now you can enjoy Saturday everyday of the week when you shop West Elm. From rugs and bedding to furniture and accessories, you’re likely to find something that screams from your computer screen, BUY ME! Admit it, a few pops of color is just what everyone needs right now, especially if you’re in Chicago, it’s brown slush citttty! Shop the entire collection here. And if you’re like me and into winning stuff, you can enter to win $2,000 from Kate Spade and West Elm right hurrrr. And hey, telling you about this contest is basically lowering my chances of winning, so you’re welcome!

Kate Spade x West Elm

Kate Spade x West Elm


Now you may be wondering to yourself, didn’t this girl just tell me that Kate Spade Saturday was closing its doors? I did, but I wasn’t entirely correct on that front. Turns out, they’re only closing their brick and mortar locations, so Kate Spade Saturday will live solely online now. Which is fine with me since we never even had a Chicago location to begin with!

What’re some of your favorite past brand collaborations? Are you excited about either of these ones? If so, what do you have you eye on? Let me know in the comments below!


2014 Holiday Gift Guide: The Man

Sometimes the hardest person to shop for is the person you know the best. In my case, that would be Max. But I find that shopping for him isn’t too difficult, I’m usually able to come up with something that he really needs or really wants. Plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s a pretty fashionable guy, so anything I’d want to see him in is usually something he’d buy himself. Easy. Peasy.

If you’re stuck finding something for your husband, boyfriend, brother or dad, take a look at some of my picks for the guys in your life in the Holiday Gift Guide for The Man. Hopefully you can discover a present they’ll really love.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for The ManThe Time Teller $95 | Custom Map Cufflinks $50 | Hey Handsome Shave Kit $68 | J Crew Cashmere Scarf $98 | Little America Backpack $90Harry’s Shave Sets $15Chicago Blackhawks Ugly Sweater $50 | Cheddar Money Clip $68 | Rayban Classic Clubmaster $113 | Nice Parking Cards $20 | Crosley Cruiser Turntable $80 | The Single Sided Belt $45

You guys, how amazing are those Nice Parking cards? Max would go through those so fast. And that turntable would make a pretty retro piece, it comes in seven different colors AND has an aux output. And those cufflinks, you can pick two locations important to your man and they’ll make cufflinks with those exact spots! Ah-mazing. THAT is a  personalized gift! I think any guy would be happy to get any of these trendy gifts.

And if you missed any of the other gift guides you can hop right over to them now!
The Chef | The Hostess | The Foodie | The Techie | The BFF | The Jetsetter | The Cocktail Lover | The Coffee Addict


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

I mentioned last Friday that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has officially arrived. I say officially because if you’re a card member you get early access before all the good stuff gets scooped up. I am, unfortunately, not a card holder. But, everything I had my eye on before the weekend still seems to be sittin’ pretty so I’m going to have to rip off the bandaid and finally actually BUY the stuff.

The sale actually goes for a pretty good chunk of time, jumping back up to regular prices on on August 4th. Most of the stuff featured on the sale is new styles for Fall, so even though it’s still July, it’s not too early to start spending some of that paycheck on attire for Autumn.

Frye ‘Philip’ Riding Boot
$259.90 down from $388

Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Baker’ Leather Strap Watch
$116.90 down from $175 – Nordstrom Exclusive

Michael Kors ‘Bradshaw’ Chronograph Bracelet Watch
$166 down from $250 – Nordstrom Exclusive

Kate Spade ‘Branton Square – Healy’ Tote
$266 down from $398 – Nordstrom Exclusive

LORAC ‘Nude’ Skinny Eyeshadow Palette
$15 (site says its a $133 value, seems like a bit of a stretch, but a great alternative to the Naked Basics palette which is $28)

NARS Cheek Palette
$49 ($73 value)

Voluspa Two-Wick Tin Candle Trio
$29.50 down from $40 ($48 value, or normally $16 each for those bad at math) Smell. Like. Heaven.

Pleione Mixed Media Tunic
$36 down from $54

Bellatrix Keyhole Back Colorblock Top
$36 down from $54

The North Face ‘Venture’ Lightweight Jacket
$74 down from $99

Tory Burch for Fitbit


Images via

Last Christmas I was really having an intense internal debate with myself as to whether I wanted to get a Fitbit or not. I did a lot of research and decided that for the time, I was ok without one, but I’m seeing more and more people around me with them, and it’s giving me a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years) and have recently been considering buying one again. I could probably just steal my mom’s though since I’m willing to bet $100 hers is sitting on her bathroom vanity, and has been ever since she got it for Christmas.

The point of these little guys is to help you stay active. Count your steps, track your calories, track your sleep, all that fun stuff. It syncs with some specific wireless scales, which is honestly the thing that I was most intrigued about when I was doing my research. Step on the scale and it automatically records your weight to whatever app you have connected to it. Pretty cray. You can also sync it up with your Walgreens Balance Rewards account and get BR points just for walking, how awesome is that?!

But the reason that this post is happening is because Fitbit really isn’t the most attractive product for a lady who likes to hit the town. A bulky plastic band on your wrist isn’t the classiest of fashion accessories when you’re out at a fancier event. So of course, leave it to Tory Burch to solve this problem. My aunt posted on my Facebook about it earlier this week, and then I got an email from Fitbit announcing the collab about 5 minute later, and then it was all over the internets the rest of the day. Points to my aunt for being ahead of the crowd.

Anyway, they’ve designed two equally cute Fitbit covers (navy and pink) to really jazz up your tracker. But on top of that, they’ve created a gold cuff that is seriously to die for. Though for $195 I don’t think I’ll be grabbing one anytime soon, especially seeing as I don’t even have the actual Fitbit yet.

Tory Burch for Fitbit


And now for the Pièce de résistance, a golden pendant necklace. This is just taking it to a whole new level, who woulda thought you could wear your fitness tracker around your neck instead of around your wrist!? Genius people, genius. Everything is still on pre-order, but I think that I’m likely going to be getting myself a Fitbit so that come Christmas this year, I’ll have the perfect gift to ask for. I need that cufffffff. Someone get me that cuff.



Do you use a Fitbit? What’s the best part? Or maybe you use a different fitness tracker, what kind? Would you buy one of these trendy covers or is it an unnecessary expense? Let me know in the comments below!