January Monthly Mantra iPhone Wallpaper

Monthly Mantra Download - Champagne & Chambray

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Um ok, so it’s freezing outside. Beyond freezing. Beyond zero. Then sun is just there to tease us. But positive ‘tudes in the new year, right? So I’m just gonna roll with this disgusting display of temperature dipping going on in Chicago right now. Positive thinking for a negative number, it doesn’t even make sense! I love you Chicago, but you’re being a real bitch right now.

Anyway, since we’re on the topic of being positive, remember earlier in the week when we chatted about goals in the new year? If you recall, I decided this year I was going to try and jedi-mindtrick myself into being a better person.

So today I’m sharing my bit of inspiration for the first month of the year. Let’s call it my Monthly Mantra iPhone Wallpaper (for lack of a better name, I’m thinking about this one!). I didn’t have time to create a matching desktop version this week, but I didn’t want it to get so late into the month that you didn’t have anything to motivate and decorate, so we’ll just start the process off slow. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

When I consulted my almighty board of wisdom, I came across this Suzy Kassem quote and it really stuck with me. Doubt is probably one of my biggest enemies. So I prettied up the inspo and made it my lock screen wallpaper. Hopefully by the end of the month, doubt will be the last thing on my mind, and I’ll be doing new things I never thought I could…or would! I think it might even be working already, I’m going on my first yoga date with Max tonight, but I’m legit FREAKING out (even though it’s a class for beginners!), so if any seasoned yogis want to leave me some sage advice in the comments, it would be greatly appreciated!

|| To download the background for yourself, just click the image to download the full size version. ||


Maya Angelou: What a Gal

Yesterday the world lost a great woman. Dr. Maya Angelou died and we responded. Working in social media, sometimes you see a lot of not great stuff, but then other times, times like these, you see the internet come together in a beautiful way to remember someone as important as Maya. A bright light she was, and a talent that will never be forgotten. Girl had mad skills. She was inspiration to so many, really reminding us to be the best version of ourselves. So because of her awesomeness, I thought it would only be fair to remember her by designing some of quote cards. She’s has so, so, soooo many good ones, but I picked some of my favorites to share with you here.

Of course you’ll pin these babies (wink wink), but if you’re really digging any of them in particular, leave me a comment and I can provide a download link to the high res versions so you can print them out to enjoy at home in your kitchen or as a way to cheer up your sad cube at work!