For The Love of Hand Lettering: Valentine’s Day Edition

Type Roundup: Valentine's Day

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Short and sweet today, with a Valentine’s Day themed type roundup. Originally I was calling this segment Hand Lettered Lovin’ but then I discovered via Pinterest that another blogger was doing the same thing and calling it Hand Lettered Love, and not wanting to be a copycat (read: plagiarizer) I came up with something new. Introducing: For The Love of Hand Lettering! I realize that there is one example that isn’t hand lettered, but I loved it too much not to include it! My hope is that these quick little roundups provide you with a bevy of inspiration to send you off into the rest of the internets more inspired than you were before you got here! Let me know how that goes.


8 Skillshare Classes To Try

If you’re a regular reader you might remember one of my goals this year is getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things. So far I haven’t really been too attentive to this endeavor, I still haven’t tried yoga (work got a little hectic and it got put on the back burner, but it’ll happen, I swear!), but to tide me over until that happens, I hopped over to Skillshare to find a few classes that I could take to help grow this little blog o’ mine. But also to help out with my side hustle situation.

8 Skillshare Classes To Try

If you haven’t heard about Skillshare, it’s essentially a virtual classroom, bringing in experts in all areas of creativity and entrepreneurship to share their skills with the masses. I mean you can take classes about using Instagram to better your brand; learn the art of hand lettering, make a meatball any Italian grandmother would be proud of; you name it, they’ve probably got something close to what you’re after. They offer a basic membership that allows you access to any of their free classes, but you can also sign up for a monthly prime account that gives you unlimited access to over 700 classes.  The prime membership is $10/month, so about the equivalent of one less Chipotle burrito bowl (with guac) a month, so not too terrible! Plus less burritos equals skinner! But if you sign up with this link, you can get your first month FREE! Free is good.

I actually signed up for Skillshare when I was trying out calligraphy for the first time. I signed up for Molly Jacques class Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy and honestly, it was such a great experience. As cliché as it sounds, I felt like I had a friend helping me along. Which is why I think it’s time to give some other classes a try. Here’s what I’m looking forward to signing up for, you can watch their trailers below.

Repeating Pattern Designs

Techniques for Lettering with Illustrator

Beyond the Logo: Crafting a Brand Identity


Digital Photography: Tips & Tricks


Freelancing for Creatives: Kickstarting your Independence


Beginners Guide to Animating Custom GIFs


Design Your Own Creative Brush Packs


Get Stuff Done Like A Boss: Design Your Workflow and Double Your Productivity in 21 Days

I’m also pretty geeked that I’m getting to take an actual class with Chuck Anderson next week at Soho House. Chuck teaches the popular Skillshare class Everyday Surrealism: Creating Art from Photos. He’s going to be sharing his story, work and process as well as leading a hands-on photography and Photoshop workshop. Yeeyeeyee! You can check out more of Chuck’s work here.

Anyone a Skillshare member? Or even just taken a class? Or if you haven’t, does this sound like something you’d be interested in trying? Gimme your thoughts in the comments below.


Inappropriate V-Day Card Roundup Pt. 2

As promised, I’ve got a couple more Valentine’s Day cards for the not-so-mushy man in your life. (If you missed part one, you can see them here!) I figured your guy would really appreciate dogs sniffing each others butts on the most romantic day of the year, so you’re welcome. I still haven’t made a final decision on which card to order for Max, and I’m totally going to run out of time. I need to just pick one and order it! Or I could just order one of each, that could be fun! Have you guys found any cards yet? I’ve been seeing a lot on some of the blogs I follow, but they all tend to be a bit tamer. Maybe I’ll share some pretty ones with you guys too!


Inappropriate V-day Card Roundup Pt 2

1. Love, CC-12 from Old Tom Foolery

2. Love Card Wiener from WitandWhistle

3. Friends Forever from Hello!Lucky

4. Nobody I’d Rather from EmilyMcdowellDraws

5. Valentine Card from AnnsPaperie

C&C may or may not be a little quiet later in the week, I’ve got a photoshoot for work Wednesday and Thursday, and if I’m judging based on the past photoshoots I’ve been a part of, they tend to go much longer than anticipated. So I’ll try my darndest (is that how you spell that word?) to get some content up for you, but if I don’t, forgive me? Pleeeease!

Oh, also, is it wrong that I kinda wish I lived in NYC right now so I could be having a snow day? I’m not sure if that’s like…not PC since I haven’t actually looked into the severity of the situation this morning yet, but I’m not even sorry, I love snow days!


January Monthly Mantra iPhone Wallpaper

Monthly Mantra Download - Champagne & Chambray

image via

Um ok, so it’s freezing outside. Beyond freezing. Beyond zero. Then sun is just there to tease us. But positive ‘tudes in the new year, right? So I’m just gonna roll with this disgusting display of temperature dipping going on in Chicago right now. Positive thinking for a negative number, it doesn’t even make sense! I love you Chicago, but you’re being a real bitch right now.

Anyway, since we’re on the topic of being positive, remember earlier in the week when we chatted about goals in the new year? If you recall, I decided this year I was going to try and jedi-mindtrick myself into being a better person.

So today I’m sharing my bit of inspiration for the first month of the year. Let’s call it my Monthly Mantra iPhone Wallpaper (for lack of a better name, I’m thinking about this one!). I didn’t have time to create a matching desktop version this week, but I didn’t want it to get so late into the month that you didn’t have anything to motivate and decorate, so we’ll just start the process off slow. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

When I consulted my almighty board of wisdom, I came across this Suzy Kassem quote and it really stuck with me. Doubt is probably one of my biggest enemies. So I prettied up the inspo and made it my lock screen wallpaper. Hopefully by the end of the month, doubt will be the last thing on my mind, and I’ll be doing new things I never thought I could…or would! I think it might even be working already, I’m going on my first yoga date with Max tonight, but I’m legit FREAKING out (even though it’s a class for beginners!), so if any seasoned yogis want to leave me some sage advice in the comments, it would be greatly appreciated!

|| To download the background for yourself, just click the image to download the full size version. ||


Design Cuts: Creatives, Take Note

Alrighty folks. I’m all settled in with the new roomies (mom & dad) for the month before I move into my new place the beginning of October. So now that all that stress is behind me, I can focus my energy and time on the blog, rather than apartment hunting or packing/unpacking dealing with landlords and leases and all that unfun shit. I’m just gonna jump right in.

While I’ve been away I’ve discovered something glorious. Designers, listen up, I’m talking to you. There exists a site that has major, MAJOR deals on design resources. It’s called Design Cuts and it is the best kept secret on the internet, as far as creatives are concerned. The average deal discount is 93.5%. Do you understand what that means? So many dollars saved!!

The deal bundles only last a certain amount of time before they’re gone for good, so once you join (for free) they’ll email you when new bundles are available and send you reminder emails when the offer is almost up. They’ll have font bundles or mockup bundles or brush bundles, all sorts of photoshop goodness. Check out this mockup bundle I purchased over the weekend, it’s expired now, but still gives you a good understanding of the sort of quality you’re getting from DC.

Their current deal is so amazing, I bought it last night because I just HAD to have it. They’re calling it The All Inclusive Design Bundle (Includes 1000’s of Best Selling Items). Normally if you were to buy everything this bundle has to offer it would cost you $876. No one has that kinda cash, especially designers. But for the low, low price of $29, the entire bundle can be yours! I know I sound like a used car salesman, but seriously, this site is a godsend! That’s a 97% savings. And the stuff you get is like, legit, quality product. Check out just a sprinkling of the great goodies included in the current offer down below. This one is special because they’re not focusing on just fonts or just brushes, it’s all inclusive. I LOVE DESIGN CUTS!

Design Cuts

Design Cuts


Design Cuts

Besides the deals, when you become a member you can share you work with the other 16,000 peeps who have already discovered DC. Plus they also offer tutorials and freebies. They’ve got a store that you can buy other resources from too. It’s basically the best thing ever. Just join and you can thank me for the introduction later.