Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

I mentioned last Friday that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has officially arrived. I say officially because if you’re a card member you get early access before all the good stuff gets scooped up. I am, unfortunately, not a card holder. But, everything I had my eye on before the weekend still seems to be sittin’ pretty so I’m going to have to rip off the bandaid and finally actually BUY the stuff.

The sale actually goes for a pretty good chunk of time, jumping back up to regular prices on on August 4th. Most of the stuff featured on the sale is new styles for Fall, so even though it’s still July, it’s not too early to start spending some of that paycheck on attire for Autumn.

Frye ‘Philip’ Riding Boot
$259.90 down from $388

Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Baker’ Leather Strap Watch
$116.90 down from $175 – Nordstrom Exclusive

Michael Kors ‘Bradshaw’ Chronograph Bracelet Watch
$166 down from $250 – Nordstrom Exclusive

Kate Spade ‘Branton Square – Healy’ Tote
$266 down from $398 – Nordstrom Exclusive

LORAC ‘Nude’ Skinny Eyeshadow Palette
$15 (site says its a $133 value, seems like a bit of a stretch, but a great alternative to the Naked Basics palette which is $28)

NARS Cheek Palette
$49 ($73 value)

Voluspa Two-Wick Tin Candle Trio
$29.50 down from $40 ($48 value, or normally $16 each for those bad at math) Smell. Like. Heaven.

Pleione Mixed Media Tunic
$36 down from $54

Bellatrix Keyhole Back Colorblock Top
$36 down from $54

The North Face ‘Venture’ Lightweight Jacket
$74 down from $99

Beauty Basics for Summer

Hi friends! Summer is in full swing, and with a new season usually comes a new beauty routine. Keyword, usually. I basically keep up with the same routine all year long because I love what I wear and I never want to change it. So this is really just my year round beauty basics, deal with it.

You may notice that there isn’t a mascara on here. I decided not to add it to the list because in my 12 years of wearing makeup, I really haven’t settled on one that I love the most. I jump around from brand to brand, trying out new things and loving them, but then finding an issue with it down the line. I just can’t give you one that I die for, so unfortunately, it’s not included, but mascara is always a staple. Ok, now let’s get down to it!

Summer Beauty basics

Revlon Just BittenKissable Balm Stain – I just love these guys. They’re very similar to the Clinique Chubby Sticks, but way cheaper. They retail for less than $7 and you can easily grab them at the drugstore. I’ve got a handful of them because the colors are great but they’re not so opaque that it looks like an actual lipstick. So they add a hint of color and double as a moisturizer, perfect for summer or winter when the cold chaps those kissers.

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder – This cute little bronzer is by far my favorite bronzer. I’ve switched between this and a NARS bronzer but continue coming back to this one. I like the compactness of the packaging, and also the little brush is perfect for highlighting cheekbones and your temple. And it’s the perfect shade  to provide a sun-kissed glow.

Benefit Brow Zings – This is the one product in my makeup bag that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT. I discovered it probably three years ago when I got my brows done for the first time at the Brow Bar at the Macy’s Watertower. My eyes were completely opened to the whole idea of filling in brows. It comes with two tiny brushes, a mini tweezer set and one side is a wax, the other side is a powder. Brow Zings make it so simple to quickly and efficiently fill in your brows, and comes in three (I think) different shades. It literally makes so much of a difference, the number of compliments I’ve gotten on my brows is crazy. When I look at pictures of myself from before I discovered this, I actually cringe.

Benefit’s They’re Real! Push-Up Liner – This baby is new in my life (along with everyone else’s) and it’s my new crush. It’s a gel liner that comes out of a pointed rubber tip and flows out perfectly, hugging the lash line the whole way. It honestly is a life changer in terms of the cat eye, making it almost impossible to ef up. Before I bought this one a few weeks ago, my liner was always uneven and I’d given up on it ever being equal, but the day is here people, the day is here!

Benefit’s The POREfessional – Another lifesaver, this primer is a godsend for people with visible pores like myself. Pores suck and there’s just nothing you can do. Well, I mean, you can exfoliate, but that only helps so much. But this stuff is like a silky serum of mystery. A little bit goes a long way, put on before your foundation and your pores are instantly minimized, if not totally erased! Plus it lasts all day! High fives all around!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick – I love this stuff. It’s become my go-to foundation because it’s really buildable and blendable, but doesn’t look cakey. Cakey makeup is the worrrrst. It’s got a gel formula in the center which I think is why it goes on so smoothly. I wear 310 when I just want an everyday look, but then I also have a 115 and a 340 if I’m highlighting and contouring (here’s a great video tutorial doing just that with this product). These are perfect for that technique because it’s so easy to just draw it on where you need it.

NARS Blush in Orgasm – I’ll start off by saying this blush has over 11,000 5-star reviews on Sephora’s website. If that doesn’t tell you it’s good, than I’m not sure that anything I have to say is going to change your mind. But Orgasm is just perfect for summer, and works with my skin tone year round,  in the summer when I’m tan and in the winter when I’m…not. And it’s got some real lasting power, good bang for  your buck.

So tell me, what’re YOUR summer beauty basics?

App Review: Makeup Genius

App Review: Makeup Genius

Last week I read about a L’Oreal’s new Makeup Genius app on Refinery29 and felt like it might be a game changer in the beauty field. I’m always looking out for apps and advancements around beauty because I think it’s a bit of an untapped market when it comes to emerging tech since it is such a “hands on” concept. So when I read about Makeup Genius, I had to check it out for myself.

First and most importantly, it’s free. The number of people I know that refuse to pay for an app is absurd. I look at apps as, is this going to make my life easier? Yes, ok, I’ll pay. Is this going to prevent me from having to look at stupid ads the whole time, Yes, ok, I’ll pay. I know a lot of people aren’t as liberal with app spending, but luckily this one is free.

The idea behind it is test driving makeup before you buy it. Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “oh yeah, I did that on my computer when I was 15 with a really sweet program I got for Christmas. I could even change my hair color!” Yeah, well, so did I. The difference is, that program looked pretty unrealistic. And this app is freaky accurate. It allows you to try on almost the whole line of L’oreal products including, eyeliner, shadow, blush, lipcolor, liner and gloss. The accuracy of whatever crazy algorithm they’re using is mezmerizing, you can move your face to the side, bring it closer and further, blink and move your mouth and it all sticks! It’s very close to seeming like you’re just looking in the mirror. Plus, whenever I try to test a drugstore makeup in the drugstore, I feel like I’m about to be arrested. That a bunch of cops are going to bust out and haul me off to jail for trying a new foundation on my wrist. It’s so frightening!

Anyway, the app scans your face really quickly when you first open it and then it’s off to the races! I could seriously play with this for hours. Most of the looks I create, I end up looking like a drag queen or a clown because I tend to just stick with mascara, top liner and a bit of blush/bronzer. So playing with this is more of an entertainment factor for me. But for others who generally wear L’Oreal products, it’s an awesome test kitchen. You can mix so many different things together for millions of potential looks. They also have pre-made looks that you can flip through. The option to add to cart is included, but no actual option to buy, you can just email the list to yourself. You can also take a selfie or video to send to friends. This is probably the best part, in my opinion. And isn’t that the only one that counts?

I think I read that Makeup Genius has been about 10 years in the making, so the fact that it is so accurate right out of the gate doesn’t surprise me. When you’re going to release something as sophisticated as this, you’re going to want to make sure it’s right off the bat, and they nailed it. So go download it, play with it, then make your boyfriend play with it so you can finally see what he’d look like in drag. Is that just me that is interested in seeing that? Ef.


Spring Color Report: Nails Pt. 2

I’m sure you’ve just been on pins and needles waiting for the second half of the 2014 Spring Color Trend Report for nails. Sorry to have kept you waiting! If you missed the first part of the post, you can check it out right here. Without further ado, here are the rest of the colors in the report: Violet Tulip, Sand, Placid Blue, Celosia Orange and Hemlock. If you’re curious about what celosia means, so am I. I obviously googled it, but I’m still confused. Something about an edible plant?

In totally unrelated news, Shopbop is having their Friends & Family sale. Which means everything, full price and sale, is 25% off. I’ve got my eye on this beauty. Just use code INTHEFAMILY14 at checkout. 

Also, I just want to give a heads up that the links provided aren’t necessarily the best price, just the link to where I found them. So if you find a shade you like, google it and make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Spring Color Report: Nails Pt. 1

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that the Pantone color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. Purple isn’t necessarily my go-to color, but I’m by no means against this hue. But what this means is you’re going to see it popping up all over the place in fashion, in florals, in interiors, basically it’s gonna be all over the place this year. So that of course means that it’s also included in the Spring 2014 Pantone Fashion Color Report.


So because my obsession with having my nails painted at all times is still at an all time high, I’ve scoured the interwebs for what I think are some of the best polishes for each of the colors on the report. A few cost a little more than I would personally spend on a polish (yes, I paint my own nails, I change them up far too often to pay to have them done), but they’re pretty, so they’re included. I’m going to break this up into two posts so stay tuned for part two and the last five colors in the repot. For now, I leave you with Radiant Orchid, Dazzling Blue, Paloma, Cayenne and Freesia. Who knew cayenne was spelled with an e after the y instead of an a? Not this girl. Anyway, let me know if you have any go-to polishes for spring that may not be on this report, I’d love to give ’em a try. Side note, if anyone can tell me how I get the job of naming nail polish colors, that’d be great, because that seems like basically the best job ever.