Between Lenses : Color

Between Lenses Challenge

Remember when I had that goal of participating in a linkup? Boom, accomplished. Between Lenses is a photography challenge/link up hosted by Tara of TaraVictoria and Latrina of Of Trees and Hues. Every month they pick a topic for everyone to share a photograph of. This month’s topic was Color. I think the challenge is to post one photo with the story behind it, but I tend to make up my own rules, so here are three photos I’ve taken recently that really scream color. They’re all of flowers, and lately I’ve been obsessed with shooting flora of all kinds. I wouldn’t call me a gardener, I tend to be a terrible daughter and just stand around watching when my mom asks for my help. But my mom and grandma love love love it, so I’ll let them do the planting and I’ll do the shooting. The second shot is from my mom’s garden, the other two are just flowers I peeped around the city. But they’re all too beautiful not to share. Speaking of flowers, Max sent me some pretty ones today as a congratulations for getting the new blog live, what a guy! (I don’t care if I’m being braggy, my boyfriend is pretty awesome!) Now he just needs to send some flowers to my dad, that’s probably my job though…and maybe not flowers? We’ll table this discussion for another time seeing as Father’s Day is right around the corner.

Purple Flowers

Purple Yellow Flowers