Friday Link Love 2.6.15

I hope everyone survived that blizzard situation that happened this week, I can attest that it was a real betch to Chicago. I’m gonna make this little diddy short today because I’ve got a lot of links. But in the process of putting this post together I noticed that it’s abnormally female empowering, so…go girl!

What’re everyone go goin on this weekend? Should be a full one for me,  I’ve got a birthday party, a bridal shower and checking out Siena Tavern during Chicago Restaurant Week. Other than that, I’ll likely be spending it getting lost in my latest book, All The Light We Cannot See. What’re you guys reading reading right now? I’ll see ya back here next week with some last minute Valentine’s Day gift guides – I’m talkin’ to you procrastinators!




Speaking of Valentine’s Day, let’s take a minute to send some love to some people who probably need it more than we do, sick kiddos. This year you can send valentines to the little cuties over at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. It takes two minutes to send ’em a smile, just do it! (Thanks for sharing Kate!)

We can all thank my mother for this one. Waffle iron recipes that will blow your mind. Here. You were gonna google it anyway after watching that video, this one is rated extremely well on Amazon and under $50.

Regardless of the fact it’s my livelihood, Photoshop is totally out of control in the media. (Exhibit A. And B. And C.) So let’s work to fix it by signing this petition to help creative positive change for young women by reducing Photoshop in magazines.

I die for fresh flowers in the apartment, but arrangements can get expensive. Take a minute (literally one minute and one second) to watch this video on how to make your own on the cheap.

This girl’s got some pipes! Watch this 12-year old star beat the odds when she covers John Legend.

One of my guilty pleasures used to be the show Nashville, because Tami Taylor, duh. But I kind of fell off watching a season ago, but these sisters are too talented not to share their cover too!

Scout is back! I can only imagine all the yelps of joy the freshman language arts teachers across the country let out when they heard the news.

Jimmy’s in LA this week and so far this has been my favorite segment, but who knows what’ll happen tonight!

This is so awesome, it’s about time all body sizes start to be recognized! But at the same time, that is what our society is considering plus size now? Come on.

Hey boys, how about you don’t. Just let us have this one. #likeagirl


Kate Spade Collaborations to Love

What’s the one thing that Target time and time again excels at? Not counting guaranteeing that you walk out with waaaay more than you came in for, and a lot less money. Facewash, a Vitamin Water and tampons  turns into needing a basket and leaving with three bags. But no, Target continually excels at their collaborations. That’s their thing niche now, and you know what, whoever held up their hand in that original brainstorm had better have been promoted. Because people go friggin’ ga-ga over collaborations.

Collabs are the new thing. I realize that they’ve been happening for awhile, but now it’s bigger, better, who can team up with who to form the ultimate brand product. Everyone is collaborating, in a valiant attempt to bring loyal customer bases across the aisles. I’ll admit, sometimes they reel me in, other times they don’t. But that’s not to say that I don’t love ’em as much as the next girl. Collaborations are something to get excited over. So when I saw that Kate Spade Saturday has not one, but TWO new collaborations, I did a little happy dance.


kate spade x new balance

First up, Kate Spade Saturday and New Balance! The two big brands have teamed up to make cross-trainers look goooood. The five (it seems like I can only purchase four of the styles on either brands website right now though) different patterns come in two existing women’s styles; the earlier WX711 and the more recent January release, WX811. They’re all in keeping with Saturday’s playful, colorful, patterned charm, while still managing to emblazon the New Balance signature N, on the side. Each pair will sell for $95, which I would consider a relatively reasonable price for a pair of well-made training shoes that look like these beauties! Bring it on Nike! Ok jk, I love Nike too! Ps, the images below were found on and, and you can shop the shoes either place.

Kate Spade x New Balance Stripes Kate Spade x New Balance GreyKate Spade x New Balance Yellow

Kate Spade x New Balance Black

kate spade x west elm

Oh hellllllo! Kate Spade Saturday is also expanding their colorful and geometric style to homewares and I for one couldn’t be happier! Now you can enjoy Saturday everyday of the week when you shop West Elm. From rugs and bedding to furniture and accessories, you’re likely to find something that screams from your computer screen, BUY ME! Admit it, a few pops of color is just what everyone needs right now, especially if you’re in Chicago, it’s brown slush citttty! Shop the entire collection here. And if you’re like me and into winning stuff, you can enter to win $2,000 from Kate Spade and West Elm right hurrrr. And hey, telling you about this contest is basically lowering my chances of winning, so you’re welcome!

Kate Spade x West Elm

Kate Spade x West Elm


Now you may be wondering to yourself, didn’t this girl just tell me that Kate Spade Saturday was closing its doors? I did, but I wasn’t entirely correct on that front. Turns out, they’re only closing their brick and mortar locations, so Kate Spade Saturday will live solely online now. Which is fine with me since we never even had a Chicago location to begin with!

What’re some of your favorite past brand collaborations? Are you excited about either of these ones? If so, what do you have you eye on? Let me know in the comments below!


8 Skillshare Classes To Try

If you’re a regular reader you might remember one of my goals this year is getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things. So far I haven’t really been too attentive to this endeavor, I still haven’t tried yoga (work got a little hectic and it got put on the back burner, but it’ll happen, I swear!), but to tide me over until that happens, I hopped over to Skillshare to find a few classes that I could take to help grow this little blog o’ mine. But also to help out with my side hustle situation.

8 Skillshare Classes To Try

If you haven’t heard about Skillshare, it’s essentially a virtual classroom, bringing in experts in all areas of creativity and entrepreneurship to share their skills with the masses. I mean you can take classes about using Instagram to better your brand; learn the art of hand lettering, make a meatball any Italian grandmother would be proud of; you name it, they’ve probably got something close to what you’re after. They offer a basic membership that allows you access to any of their free classes, but you can also sign up for a monthly prime account that gives you unlimited access to over 700 classes.  The prime membership is $10/month, so about the equivalent of one less Chipotle burrito bowl (with guac) a month, so not too terrible! Plus less burritos equals skinner! But if you sign up with this link, you can get your first month FREE! Free is good.

I actually signed up for Skillshare when I was trying out calligraphy for the first time. I signed up for Molly Jacques class Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy and honestly, it was such a great experience. As cliché as it sounds, I felt like I had a friend helping me along. Which is why I think it’s time to give some other classes a try. Here’s what I’m looking forward to signing up for, you can watch their trailers below.

Repeating Pattern Designs

Techniques for Lettering with Illustrator

Beyond the Logo: Crafting a Brand Identity


Digital Photography: Tips & Tricks


Freelancing for Creatives: Kickstarting your Independence


Beginners Guide to Animating Custom GIFs


Design Your Own Creative Brush Packs


Get Stuff Done Like A Boss: Design Your Workflow and Double Your Productivity in 21 Days

I’m also pretty geeked that I’m getting to take an actual class with Chuck Anderson next week at Soho House. Chuck teaches the popular Skillshare class Everyday Surrealism: Creating Art from Photos. He’s going to be sharing his story, work and process as well as leading a hands-on photography and Photoshop workshop. Yeeyeeyee! You can check out more of Chuck’s work here.

Anyone a Skillshare member? Or even just taken a class? Or if you haven’t, does this sound like something you’d be interested in trying? Gimme your thoughts in the comments below.


Playlists for the People: February

Holy moly Chicago, how about this blizzard?! I basically never have faith in what the weathermen tell me because thet tend to be wrong a good chunk of the time, but hey, they were right this time, so now we must deal. It’s actually really pretty though, so I’m not even that upset about it. Especially since we’ve got a heated garage spot at our new place, no more digging out and dealing with Chicago “dibs“. Hopefully everyone was able to get to work safely this morning though! Actually, better yet, I hope a day off or the option to to work from home!

Anyway, since we’re now into February (uh…what?!) I’ve got a new Playlist For The People for ya. New music for a new month is kind of how I like to reset. I’ve added a lot of newly discovered artists on here too, so let me know who you’ve been listening to lately down in the comments! And don’t forget if you’re on Spotify, you can listen here and follow all my playlists here.

Playlists For The People: February2015

Friday Link Love 1.30.15

Friday Link Love 1.30

You guys, I need to vent for a minute. Well not vent, but really just share my sad, sad thoughts. Last night my favorite show ended…for good. Parenthood was on for six seasons and I’ve watched it from the very first pilot episode. I cried literally the entire finale. And basically the entirety of the show. I think maybe of all the episodes, there were 10 I didn’t cry in.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the show ever really gained the following it so obviously deserved (very much like FNL), but that shouldn’t take away from its fantastic writing and superb acting! I’m serious. If you don’t watch it and are looking for something to binge watch, do yourself a favor and queue it up on Netflix. A quick word of advice though, you really need to be a well hydrated individual to make it through the entire series in a binge watch.

Which brings me to my first read for this installment of Friday Link Love.

Here’s a great review of the finale episode,but obvs don’t read it if you haven’t watched it yet, there are clearly spoilers.

And also, because you didn’t cry enough last night; 19 of the best moments of Parenthood over its six seasons. Everyone looks so young!

Ok, moving on for you non-watchers.

Turns out Max’s sister is the best. SHE GOT ME A SELFIE STICK! I got a package in the mail when I got home Wednesday and inside was this wonderful belated Christmas gift. Best. Surprise. Ever. So in honor of my new gadget, you must watch this incredible video of a guy who makes the selfie stick way cooler than I ever could. You can follow him on Instagram too!

I have a new favorite website. It’s called Domaine. It’s really pretty. Check it out.

The Superbowl is on Sunday. Sorry, I guess I’m supposed to refer to it as “The Big Game.” Stupid copyrights. (Cough cough Ms. Swift…) But with the football comes the food, and some pretty good commercials! Here’s a roundup of some great grub to whip up for the game party.

Better stock up on your Kate Spade Saturday gear now, because they’re closin’ up shop. This comes right on the heels of C.Wonder and Piperlime closing their (figurative internet) doors, too. Gap (who owned Piperlime) suggested they’ll be focusing on their own brand, but in even MORE news this morning, the Gap creative director has stepped down and Gap announced they won’t be replacing the role.  I kind of feel like you need a creative director…so we’ll see how this goes.

You may remember my post about Chicago delivery services, now you can get stuff delivered, even without your phone. And by stuff, I mean almost anything.

Zagat has come out with its list of Top 50 restaurants in Chicago. I’m honestly shocked that I’ve only been to six of the place on here. I’m not sure that I trust this 100%, and I don’t think the people commenting do either. What’re your thoughts?

If ombre is out, then I’d better call my hairdresser. Here’s a look at 2015’s new hair color trend.

My leetle sister is turning 25 tomorrow, so Leslie, here ya go – 18 Changes Every Woman Will Go Through In Her Mid to Late 20’s.

That’s a wrap. I thought that would be a cheeky way to sign off today since I was on a photoshoot for the past two days and I said that at the end of each day because I’m cool like that. Things went really well and I’m starting to get excited about sharing the final product with you guys. Unfortunately, these things take time so it probably wont be for another two months. It’s hard to even believe that February starts on Sunday. Where did this month go?? Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend and Go Bears! Wait…