8 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Hey there ho there. Instagram is my jam, I think you might know that by now. You probably do too. But a lot of people only follow their friends. This is good, but there are others out there, that you could and should be following. They’re probably cooler than your friends, they’re definitely cooler than mine! Just kidding, my friends are the bomb.com. But here are some of my favorite accounts that I think you should mos def (yep) start to follow. Some are great photographers, some are funny guys and some are cayooooot! I’m going to do a separate post specifially on Chicago Instagrammers to follow soon, so keep an eye out. Until then, take a gander at these!

This anonymously currated account is seriously my new obsession. Girl is posting all sorts of pictures of skinny-minis “pretending” to love on sweets and snacks. A few celebs and a lotta bloggers, but honestly, I find it hilarious and most probably true. I don’t think I’d consider myself one of those girls that doesn’t eat the ice cream. Because let’s be honest, I think it’s obvious that I eat the ice cream. Sorry I’m not sorry. Check out this profile on the account that was recently on The Cut.

this photographer/mom posts super cute pics of her kids. but they’re also supes hilares.  and a lot are really just beautiful.

this guy and his girlfriend live. the. life. but what’s awesome is he and @yourleo have an ongoing photo they take in all their amazing globe trotting adventures #followmeto. warning: this will make you sad about your life.

a compilation account by Tourism Australia of different users taking gorgeous shots all around the land down under. For most this will just be a beautiful landscape shot to admire, while for me, I get to see places that I visited while studying abroad there, always makes me feel a little warm inside.

this austin, tx photographer emily blincoe stages really cool color shots. she chooses a color and organizes random objects of that color in a pleasing manner (yeah I said pleasing manner, sometimes i like to act like i’m college educated (i am), or british.) she has a lot of other really fun reoccurring series, and a lot of great shots of her adorable pooch.

this is just what you think it is, the official national geographic instagram account. it’s a compilation of photographs taken by its photographers with really interesting and in-depth captions to give you a great description of what’s going on.

this kid. ha. the epitome of spoiled little rich kid flaunts his wealth in the rudest, most annoying way ever. he’s the poster child for total dick move.  apparently he can only take a poopski in Pelligrino…gimme a breeeeeeak! the thing is, I can’t look away! his captions are the worst (best?) part though.

this one is so cute. Jessica Shyba snaps adorable shots of her lil guy napping with their pup. you’d think it would get old quick, it does not.