Friday Link Love 1.30.15

Friday Link Love 1.30

You guys, I need to vent for a minute. Well not vent, but really just share my sad, sad thoughts. Last night my favorite show ended…for good. Parenthood was on for six seasons and I’ve watched it from the very first pilot episode. I cried literally the entire finale. And basically the entirety of the show. I think maybe of all the episodes, there were 10 I didn’t cry in.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the show ever really gained the following it so obviously deserved (very much like FNL), but that shouldn’t take away from its fantastic writing and superb acting! I’m serious. If you don’t watch it and are looking for something to binge watch, do yourself a favor and queue it up on Netflix. A quick word of advice though, you really need to be a well hydrated individual to make it through the entire series in a binge watch.

Which brings me to my first read for this installment of Friday Link Love.

Here’s a great review of the finale episode,but obvs don’t read it if you haven’t watched it yet, there are clearly spoilers.

And also, because you didn’t cry enough last night; 19 of the best moments of Parenthood over its six seasons. Everyone looks so young!

Ok, moving on for you non-watchers.

Turns out Max’s sister is the best. SHE GOT ME A SELFIE STICK! I got a package in the mail when I got home Wednesday and inside was this wonderful belated Christmas gift. Best. Surprise. Ever. So in honor of my new gadget, you must watch this incredible video of a guy who makes the selfie stick way cooler than I ever could. You can follow him on Instagram too!

I have a new favorite website. It’s called Domaine. It’s really pretty. Check it out.

The Superbowl is on Sunday. Sorry, I guess I’m supposed to refer to it as “The Big Game.” Stupid copyrights. (Cough cough Ms. Swift…) But with the football comes the food, and some pretty good commercials! Here’s a roundup of some great grub to whip up for the game party.

Better stock up on your Kate Spade Saturday gear now, because they’re closin’ up shop. This comes right on the heels of C.Wonder and Piperlime closing their (figurative internet) doors, too. Gap (who owned Piperlime) suggested they’ll be focusing on their own brand, but in even MORE news this morning, the Gap creative director has stepped down and Gap announced they won’t be replacing the role.  I kind of feel like you need a creative director…so we’ll see how this goes.

You may remember my post about Chicago delivery services, now you can get stuff delivered, even without your phone. And by stuff, I mean almost anything.

Zagat has come out with its list of Top 50 restaurants in Chicago. I’m honestly shocked that I’ve only been to six of the place on here. I’m not sure that I trust this 100%, and I don’t think the people commenting do either. What’re your thoughts?

If ombre is out, then I’d better call my hairdresser. Here’s a look at 2015’s new hair color trend.

My leetle sister is turning 25 tomorrow, so Leslie, here ya go – 18 Changes Every Woman Will Go Through In Her Mid to Late 20’s.

That’s a wrap. I thought that would be a cheeky way to sign off today since I was on a photoshoot for the past two days and I said that at the end of each day because I’m cool like that. Things went really well and I’m starting to get excited about sharing the final product with you guys. Unfortunately, these things take time so it probably wont be for another two months. It’s hard to even believe that February starts on Sunday. Where did this month go?? Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend and Go Bears! Wait…


Inappropriate V-Day Card Roundup Pt. 2

As promised, I’ve got a couple more Valentine’s Day cards for the not-so-mushy man in your life. (If you missed part one, you can see them here!) I figured your guy would really appreciate dogs sniffing each others butts on the most romantic day of the year, so you’re welcome. I still haven’t made a final decision on which card to order for Max, and I’m totally going to run out of time. I need to just pick one and order it! Or I could just order one of each, that could be fun! Have you guys found any cards yet? I’ve been seeing a lot on some of the blogs I follow, but they all tend to be a bit tamer. Maybe I’ll share some pretty ones with you guys too!


Inappropriate V-day Card Roundup Pt 2

1. Love, CC-12 from Old Tom Foolery

2. Love Card Wiener from WitandWhistle

3. Friends Forever from Hello!Lucky

4. Nobody I’d Rather from EmilyMcdowellDraws

5. Valentine Card from AnnsPaperie

C&C may or may not be a little quiet later in the week, I’ve got a photoshoot for work Wednesday and Thursday, and if I’m judging based on the past photoshoots I’ve been a part of, they tend to go much longer than anticipated. So I’ll try my darndest (is that how you spell that word?) to get some content up for you, but if I don’t, forgive me? Pleeeease!

Oh, also, is it wrong that I kinda wish I lived in NYC right now so I could be having a snow day? I’m not sure if that’s like…not PC since I haven’t actually looked into the severity of the situation this morning yet, but I’m not even sorry, I love snow days!


The Lo Down: Nonna’s

Nonna's Chicago

Hi hi! So good food news to report – there’s a new sandwich shop in town! And by “in town” I mean the West Loop (specifically the corner of Randolph and Sangamon) and by “new sandwich shop” I mean Nonna’s. Attached to the recently-opened Formento’s Italian restaurant, Nonna’s is the fancy little sidecar. It took me a minute to realize where the entrance actually was because I think I was expecting something with more seating, so on first glance I thought it was a separate carry-out area. But after Max figured it out, we were in.  The bright and modest space was accentuated with white marble countertops. Bottles of marinara sauce, balsamic vinegar and red wine stacked up all of the walls. The tiling on the floors was beautiful, and perfect for the space and vibe.

Nonna's Tile Floor

Bottles on Bottles on Bottles

Nonna's Chicago

Nonna's Chicago

Nonna's Branding

With a relatively small menu (ten sandwiches and a few sides and salads), it was easy to get a bit of info on all the sandwiches from the two helpful ladies working the counter. I went with the Mozzarella in Carrozza, which was sort of like a margarita grilled cheese? It’s basil pesto, tomato and mozzarella…deep fried. Whoops, did I leave that part out? Yeah. It’s deep fried. It was like biting into a crispy mozzarella stick the entire sandwich. Which also reminded me that I was eating something incredibly unhealthy…the entire time. I’ll just pretend it didn’t happen. I do think it could have used a little bit more salt (and I’m not really one to put salt on much, either). But overall I was pretty happy with my choice, though I’m 100% going to branch out and try something new next time because there are a couple others I was torn between.

Nonna's Mozzarella in

Max went with the Chicken Parm and absolutely devoured it. I decided that it was about time I gave this whole “chicken parm thing” the benefit of the doubt, and let me tell you, I’m damn glad that I did. I have a terrible aversion to soggy foods (like what sauce would do to bread), but this didn’t bother me at all. The ciabatta that it comes on is the perfect bread, holding up to the sauce but still sopping up the flavor. The cheese was a melty delicious, too. The only thing I’d change was that the chicken was a little bit tough for my liking, but I took about six additional bites if that tells you anything. Max was less than impressed every time I asked for just a little bit more, but shared like a great boyfriend anyway!

Nonna's Chicken Parm

Nonna's Chicken Parm

Nonna’s is only open from 11-3pm (bummer, I know!), so unless you work over in the West Loop, the only time you’ll likely be able to grub is on the weekend. When we walked in there were two men waiting on sandwiches, taking up two of the four stools provided for dining there. We’d originally planned on eating there, but when we realized it wasn’t really a sit-down situation, we took it to-go.

Nonna's dessert

They’ve also got some treats at the counter that are pretty well priced (anything under $1 is a winner in my book) but the sweet girl give them to us on the house, so definitely some extra points added there. Overall, I know we’ll be back again, it just sucks it’ll only be on weekends. But weekends tend to be the time I eat the most things that I know I shouldn’t eat, so I guess it works out!  UPDATE: Nonna’s commented on my Instagram after the original post to let me know that starting 1/28 they’ll be open until 10/11pm pending the day. So rejoice, sandwiches for dinner! Enjoy the rest of your Monday and let me know if you’ve tried any new spots in Chicago that I should check out!



HAPPY FRIDAY! You made it, I’m so proud of you! This week was a good one for me, I booked our flights (with points, thanks Chase Sapphire Preferred!) out to Maine for our best friends’ wedding in June, I saw American Sniper, and I got to drink craft beer from Arcade Brewery (try the Grapefruit IPA or the Amber ale, both were delicious) and customize my own pair of Bucketfeet shoes at a fun event at Soho House last night. Plus my project at work is progressing without too many hiccups which is always a relief.

Not too much planned for this weekend which is always something I welcome. Dinner tomorrow night for the lil sis’ 25th. It becomes worrying when your younger siblings are turning 25! Because that just means you’re older than that. Woof. Anyway, hope you’ve got plenty of fun planned, and I’ll see you back here next week!



Forever 21 steppin’ up their denim game this spring. Love their skinnies on the cheap!

You guys, I’m literally dying. LITERALLY (haaaaay Skellie!). You know how they have a Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet before the Super Bowl? Well the puppies in this years game are the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. For real. I need them all. Especially Blue!

So…Chicago is getting a country music festival? It’s lookin’ that way. Weird but awesome?

Speaking of Chicago, Chicago Restaurant Week starts on the 30th, better make some ressies soon or you’re going to be SOL.

I’m drooling over the packaging of these whimsy fun ChickLit candles. Ordering one (or three) ASAP!

If you’re a purveyor of, a design friendly flash deal site, then you’re probably going to lust after, another flash site from the same founders. It’s like Fab and Etsy had a love child – Members Only. New Products Daily. Emerging Designers. Iconic Brands. Great Prices. Curated Shops. And lucky you! You can use my code to become a member early using this link and you’ll get a $10 credit when the site actually goes live! Plus the site is really pretty!

You probably heard about, which is exactly what it sounds like btw. But did you hear how much it sold for after only two weeks in business!? Why haven’t I come up with such a brilliant idea yet!?

How friggin delicious dos this spinach artichoke dip look? Gimme a crostini and leave me to die happy. And it’s made in a slow cooker!

Cheat sheet Friday! Buzz Feed comin’ in clutch as per usual, 27 incredibly helpful infographics to help you be a boss in the kitchen.

Here’s a little diddy to make your ears happy today, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran mashup? Yes please.

This chic Teddi Tote is 50% off right now before they overhaul it next week, grab your favorite color and run before they sell out. I think I need that burnt orange for spring, I’m not sure what’s on trend but I like it.

Have you guys seen the trailer for Tina Fey’s new Netflix show? Check it out here. I loved Ellie Kemper in Bridesmaids (and The Office, duh!) and we all have seen what Ms. Fey can do, so I’m beyond ready for this hilariousness! Plus it’s Netflix, so the whole season gets released at once — hurry up March 6th!

x. lauren

Playlists for the People: January 2015

Hello friends! Happy Thursday! We’re one day closer to the weekend! It’s been a hot second since I’ve posted a playlist so I thought I should make a point to share one with you at least once a month and I think I’ll call it Playlists for the People. I live for good tunes so this is something I’m excited to share with you.

Just a heads up, I’m honestly into all sorts of musical genres, so expect a smattering. If you’re a Spotify member, you can listen here! If you’re not using Spotify, get your head straight, stop what you’re doing and sign up! Also, lemme know what music you’ve been jammin’ to this January, I’m always on the hunt for new bands, so help a sista out!

Playlists for the People: January 2015