Design Cuts: Creatives, Take Note

Alrighty folks. I’m all settled in with the new roomies (mom & dad) for the month before I move into my new place the beginning of October. So now that all that stress is behind me, I can focus my energy and time on the blog, rather than apartment hunting or packing/unpacking dealing with landlords and leases and all that unfun shit. I’m just gonna jump right in.

While I’ve been away I’ve discovered something glorious. Designers, listen up, I’m talking to you. There exists a site that has major, MAJOR deals on design resources. It’s called Design Cuts and it is the best kept secret on the internet, as far as creatives are concerned. The average deal discount is 93.5%. Do you understand what that means? So many dollars saved!!

The deal bundles only last a certain amount of time before they’re gone for good, so once you join (for free) they’ll email you when new bundles are available and send you reminder emails when the offer is almost up. They’ll have font bundles or mockup bundles or brush bundles, all sorts of photoshop goodness. Check out this mockup bundle I purchased over the weekend, it’s expired now, but still gives you a good understanding of the sort of quality you’re getting from DC.

Their current deal is so amazing, I bought it last night because I just HAD to have it. They’re calling it The All Inclusive Design Bundle (Includes 1000’s of Best Selling Items). Normally if you were to buy everything this bundle has to offer it would cost you $876. No one has that kinda cash, especially designers. But for the low, low price of $29, the entire bundle can be yours! I know I sound like a used car salesman, but seriously, this site is a godsend! That’s a 97% savings. And the stuff you get is like, legit, quality product. Check out just a sprinkling of the great goodies included in the current offer down below. This one is special because they’re not focusing on just fonts or just brushes, it’s all inclusive. I LOVE DESIGN CUTS!

Design Cuts

Design Cuts


Design Cuts

Besides the deals, when you become a member you can share you work with the other 16,000 peeps who have already discovered DC. Plus they also offer tutorials and freebies. They’ve got a store that you can buy other resources from too. It’s basically the best thing ever. Just join and you can thank me for the introduction later.