5 Tips for Apartment Hunting in Chicago

Here I am. I’m alive! I know I’ve been totally MIA this month, but it’s been a crazy past few weeks. I’m not sure how some of the daily bloggers do it, especially mom bloggers! So my hats off to you, hopefully one of these days sometime next century I’ll be able to pull it off, but life just gets in my way! Ok so here’s an update, over the weekend, Max and I signed a lease on a new apartment in the West Loop. We’re both really excited to start the next part of our adventure together in a new neighborhood. The place we found couldn’t be more perfect, granted it took a bit of rockiness to really lock it in, but everything fell into place, despite my assumptions that it would. So pat on the back for that one, got it done!

The only major downfall about the place, which honestly isn’t even a downfall, is that we don’t move in until Oct 1 and our current leases end the 31st of this month. Which, you guessed it, creates a whole “homeless” situation for both of us. Silver lining here is we get a month off of paying rent which is nice, non-silver lining, staying at the parents and training it to work for a month. Woooof. We’ll make it work though, at least it’s September and won’t be crummy weather yet?

But the reason for the blog silence was basically every day this month, I’d get home and just post up on all the rental sites on the interwebs to make sure I was on top of anything that was posted that day. Renting in Chicago is a bitch. And you gotta be real savvy in order to beat the system. So today I want to share a few of my tips with you since this will be my 4th rental since moving down here in 2007.

5 Tips for Chicago Apartment Hunting


1. Keep a close eye on ALL the rental sites.  This includes DOMU, Lovely, PadMapper, HotPads, Zillow and everyone’s favorite, Craigslist. The first one is Chicago-based only, the rest I imagine work as equally efficiently in other cities. I think the first five allow you to set up alerts for your specific criteria and neighborhoods and get emails or mobile alerts (if you download the apps) right when a new listing is added. This is key! They’re all pretty good and work a bit differently in terms of search criteria, so be sure to check all of them out.

2. Pictures aren’t everything. For awhile I always set my search to include pictures because I assumed if there weren’t pictures, it was trash. This, as it turns out, is not the case. I let down my guard on one particular search and came across what sounded like the greatest deal ever, but had no pictures. I reached out anyway and when we ended up seeing the place, it turned out to be everything we wanted and more! Good thing we’re moving in in October! But I will say for some listings, be weary of the pictures. If they’re very blurry or grainy, or have a watermark, there’s a good chance the pictures you’re looking at are NOT of the advertised unit.

3. Speed is everything This may not be the case for everyone, but of the last three places I’ve lived, the reason that I’ve been able to secure them is because I acted fast. You’ve got to respond as fast as you can. And make sure that you make it clear that you’re interested up front. A line I like to use is “I was wondering if your unit was still available and if so,  could we could set up a showing ASAP, I know the good ones go fast!” This let’s them know you’re serious about seeing it, and they definitely take that into consideration.

4. Have your shit together This is key. Make sure you’ve got everything together for what you’ll need to give the landlords. Everyone may want something different, but always make sure you’ve got your checkbook with you when you see a place so that if you love it and the landlord loves you, you can put money down on the spot and secure it. Also, make sure you know your credit score, you can check it at CreditKarma or Quizzle.com for free. Also, when you’re talking to them, whether it be phone, email or text, make sure you continually ask if there is anything else you can do to help yourself, they like people with a serious interest.

5. Ask Questions This is probably the most important one on the list. Make sure you ask all the questions that you could possibly have a question about, because a place may LOOK great, but underneath it’s not as hot as you’d like. Ask about what utilities are included and what your utility bills will generally look like. Check the water pressure. Ask about security and if you’re not familiar with the neighborhood, ask about the overall safety. Ask about neighbors. Ask about parking. Ask about pets, even if you don’t have one, maybe there’s a noisy dog next door.  Just ask everything you can think of!

Do you have any tips for finding rental properties? Share them with me below! Hope this helps if you’re in the market for moving, luckily I wont be dealing with this craziness again for at least two more years! Hooray!


Looking Back: July

Looking Back: July

Sorry for the radio silence last week, work was a little crazy and I just couldn’t find the time to get posts up. Forgive me? Hopefully this week will be a little bit less stressful on the actual job front.

While I was MIA, July turned to August and we’re already into the thick of it. I read yesterday that this month will have five Fridays and five Saturdays, something that only happens every 833 years, so it’s apparently lucky, so buy some lotto tickets.

Has anyone else felt like these summer months are seriously flying by? I don’t know how I feel about it honestly, because on one hand, I’m always ready for fall, but on the other hand that means winter will be here sooner than I’d prefer. But it also means that another month has come and gone, and July was a fun one. So instead of goals, I think I want to start doing a Looking Back series on the first of the month. So, without further ado, here’s a quick look back at July.

1. Played a lot of pinball. Family came in from Canada for my cousins graduation and got to spend some time with this little guy who I haven’t gotten much facetime with since he was only born 4 years ago.

2. Drove up to Michigan to visit Max’s grandpa and get in some quality beach time. Max also wanted to test out his new driver off the bluff and was not impressed when that boat was sitting right in his frame.

3. We finally got to christen the new grill I got Max for his birthday. Since then we’ve  just been grilling chicken and burgers, but I really want to start branching out and trying grilling pizzas or something crazy! I know, pizza’s on the grill, really livin’ on the edge!

4. Happy hour with co-workers at my favorite patio in the city, Zed451. Their seasonal drink menu is always changing and they’re all so delicious. Plus the rooftop patio is such a chill vibe, it’s awesome after a long weekday to decide to have a random happy hour, and now we just discovered a van will come pick us up from the office, helllllllo!

5. The Bellcourt wedding without a doubt was one of the highlights of the month. Rachel looking stunning, the venue was beautiful and the company was the best. Got to see so many faces from high school that made me smile. Plus, open bar for the win!

6. Just another snapshot of how my family likes to party. I promised you proof of the tequila situation and here it is. I think we went through two bottle of Patron the first night and then another two the night of the actual grad party, I wasn’t drinking as much that night as you might have guessed. I also learned a bottle of Patron in Canada is almost double what it is here. Um, woof.

7. Got to hang out with this lil babe. Can’t believe Henry’s already 6 weeks old, babies grow fast huh?

8. Spent the majority of the 4th of July at a friend’s rooftop with a good crew and then pulled a repeat of last year and dipped out and ordered Lou Malnati’s. Only this year I passed out before the fireworks and didn’t wake up until after they were long gone. And Max was apparently too sucked in to whatever show he was watching to think to wake me up. Oh well, at least we got the pizza!

9. Played tourist for the day with the family and got burgers from Rockit then visited the bean, took a water taxi down to Chinatown and back and paparazzi’d the city. It was the most beautiful day for it too!

I can’t wait for August’s recap because there’s already so much on the calendar. What were your favorite July moments? Are you looking forward to anything in particular in the new month?