Between Lenses : Color

Between Lenses Challenge

Remember when I had that goal of participating in a linkup? Boom, accomplished. Between Lenses is a photography challenge/link up hosted by Tara of TaraVictoria and Latrina of Of Trees and Hues. Every month they pick a topic for everyone to share a photograph of. This month’s topic was Color. I think the challenge is to post one photo with the story behind it, but I tend to make up my own rules, so here are three photos I’ve taken recently that really scream color. They’re all of flowers, and lately I’ve been obsessed with shooting flora of all kinds. I wouldn’t call me a gardener, I tend to be a terrible daughter and just stand around watching when my mom asks for my help. But my mom and grandma love love love it, so I’ll let them do the planting and I’ll do the shooting. The second shot is from my mom’s garden, the other two are just flowers I peeped around the city. But they’re all too beautiful not to share. Speaking of flowers, Max sent me some pretty ones today as a congratulations for getting the new blog live, what a guy! (I don’t care if I’m being braggy, my boyfriend is pretty awesome!) Now he just needs to send some flowers to my dad, that’s probably my job though…and maybe not flowers? We’ll table this discussion for another time seeing as Father’s Day is right around the corner.

Purple Flowers

Purple Yellow Flowers


Killin’ It: June 2014 Goals

It’s finally here! Welcome to the NEW Champagne & Chambray. Same content, new look. As you can see, you can easily keep up with what I’ve been up to on Instagram and Pinterest right on my sidebar, you can see easily check out the blogs that I like to keep up with, and now if you’re looking for posts on a certain topic, you can narrow it down using my handy top nav. Hopefully you like it, I’ve spent literally every weekend of the past month at my parents house working on this with my dad, I owe him a million thanks for helping me with everything. He told me that he’s charging me $90/hr and I told him he was fired. Thankfully he was kidding and loves me enough to help me for free. I don’t doubt he’ll use this against me in 20 years. Whatever, it’s 20 years, I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

So since it’s already June, I guess new goals are in order. The first order of business would be sharing how my May goals turned out. Spoiler alert: not good. I guess I shouldn’t be that hard on myself, I sort of, maybe, kinda got some of the things accomplished that I set out to do. Number one, C&C is officially on WordPress. That was my biggest goal and I was going to cry if I didn’t accomplish it. Yes, that actual ‘go live’ date didn’t happen until yesterday, but three days is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things so let’s just count that as a win. My gallery wall is non-existent, but I kind of saw that one coming being back in the ‘burbs literally every weekend this month. I’ve also decided that since I’m not sure what my living situation will be come September 1st, it might be a little silly to put all this work into home decor when I don’t know for certain I’ll still be in this apartment 90 days from now. I did in fact finish two books, but not that the two that I said I’d be reading. I did just finish Cartwheel and I’ll be posting a review of that soon, but the other book I ended up reading was called Psychos and this was the follow up to White Girl Problems – read it, it’s friggin hilarious and I died laughing the whole time. Run more. Hmm. Let’s just go ahead and say this didn’t happen. I did run the Chase Challenge (a 3.5 mile run) though and I finished in a faster time than what I set out to run it in, so that sorta counts? Just pretend. Last but not least, I did not participate in a link up, BUT I do have one that I’ve got my eye on, so better late than never. Ok so let’s move on to the goals that I probably won’t accomplish this month either, but writing them down apparently makes me try a little bit harder, or so this is what I’ve noticed based on month one. I’m gonna go easy on myself this time since last month I accomplished less things than I failed. I suck.


Get Myself a Bar Cart

I’m going to purchase a bar cart and stock it with cuteness and liquor. I’ve been talking about doing this since forever ago, and I’ve decided I’m just gonna do it. I pin way too many delicious drinks to only be rotating between rum and diets, red wine and Magic Hat (though I will say Magic Hat is delicious). I’m doing it. The Binny’s savers card dangling on my keychain is about to get worked hard, I just hope it’s ready!

Read Two More Books

I was able to get through two books pretty easily while still living a normal life, so to keep up with my goal of reading 24 books this year, I’m going to read two more. Haven’t figured out what yet, just stay tuned, I’ll let you know when I know. Any recos would be greatly appreciated in the comment section though!

Become A Yogi Master

This seems a little bit far fetched. Realistically, I just want to start doing hot yoga. Max bought us Groupons (still available) a few months back for six weeks of unlimited hot yoga but I’d been hesitant to start because I didn’t want to have to get on the el to go home after sweating for 90 minutes straight because that’s just not fair to anyone riding public transportation. So I wisely suggested waiting until it was nice out so that we could walk home afterwards. In reality I’m just really scared. Max is a bikram pro, and I’m over here dealing with a  “never done yoga in my life and can’t even touch my own toes” situation, so you see my  reasonable concern. But I’m going to suck it up and step out of my comfort zone and give it a go!

Chipotle Chart

This is really less of a goal and more of a “let’s keep track of how much chipotle I eat in a month”. I eat a lot, that’s a fact. I wouldn’t be surprised if my tombstones reads Here Lies Lauren, She Loved Chipotle. I thought it would be fun to keep track of how many times I actually eat chipotle in a 30 day span. As of right now, I’ve eaten it twice, and it’s only the morning of the 4th day, so you see how this will likely pan out.

That’s all for now. Hope you’re likin’ the new look, there are still a few minor tweaks I want to make (cough cough line spacing), but don’t forget to follow along on Facebook to stay updated.