I’m back + weekend links 4.4.14

oh hi, I’m back. I kinda took a really long break from the blog. let’s call it a sabbatical. and yes, I understand you’re usually not supposed to take those after only working on something for two months, but I did. sometimes I break the rules, sue me. the important thing is that i’m here now, so let’s focus on that. i’ve heard living in the past is unhealthy anyway.

but with the boyfriend out of town this weekend, I’m really looking forward to hunkering down and taking a big step forward in terms of getting this blog to where I want it to be. After a lonnnng talk with my dad last weekend, I’m even more excited to get started. When I first started this blog last year, I kind of just jumped in head first, and didn’t have much planning or organization around it, and I’m pretty sure that’s why I lost the drive to keep it going. but now that I’ve done a lot of reading and research (read: pinning), I think I’m ready to make this thing as great as I’ve always envisioned it could be. So keep a lookout over the next few weeks for a couple of eye pleasing changes! don’t worry, you won’t have to search hard, they’ll be fairly obvious.

in the meantime, here are your weekend links!


love her or hate her, she’s just bein miley. now if you’re lucky enough, you can get college credit to talk about her. i would have taken this class in a heartbeat.

this is more of a long read, but a very interesting look at experimental parenting

not to be confused with conscious uncoupling (lots of big words), which is what gwynnie and coldplay frontman chris martin have decided to do. speaking of gwyneth, she isn’t what you’d call a ‘fan-favorite’ lately after a few things she said in an interview went viral. here’s a working mom’s open letter to the goop founder. burrrrrrn.

the polar vortex may be over but the pollen vortex has just arrived. let these pups help your nose feel better by looking at some of theirs.

another long one, but definitely worth the read if your go-to form of transportation is Uber car service. I use it all the time, but after reading this I may think twice. probably not though, it’s just so convenient and cheap…most of the time…damn you surge pricing!

calling all breaking bad fans. (moment of silence please.) bryan cranston is writing a book. well a memoir, about…yep, his work on breaking bad!

if you’re in chicago this weekend, you should probably check out this lakeview restaurant opening. hint: it’s got a LOT of poutine. if you don’t know what that is, it’s because it’s totally a Canadian thing. think fries with everything delicious you could imagine thrown on top. 

also, not too far away, there is a new nordstrom rack that opened yesterday at North and Sheffield (1551 n sheffield if we’re getting technical). this isn’t really a link, i’m just letting you know. also, don’t hold me to this but I believe an anthropologie also opened up over there recently. i’ll definitely be checking them both out this weekend.

if you’re like me, you’re a lover of all things pretty, like kate spade and jcrew, and all things techy. so this fashion tech lab collab from the two founders is sure to eventually produce some amazing new fashion start ups!

and to send you on your way, since everyone on the entire planet is obsessed with frozen (i still have yet to see the movie, likely because i’m 26…) check out this amazing instrumental mashup variation of the outrageously popular hit song ‘let it go’. seriously, people that write music blow my mind. like, how!? take a few minutes, or hours, to check out some of their other videos, your ears wont’ be disappointed.

have a great weekend friends!

UPDATE: just read this article about how getty images is making their images FREE. that’s like, my favorite word. especially when it’s about images…and clothes…and food.