Tunes on a Tues | 4.22

Hey all. Since today is Tuesday, I thought I’d share a playlist with you. Hopefully some of the artists on here are new to you and you fall madly, deeply in love with them. That happened to me with the Wild Feathers. I saw them at the Double Door a few months back and they were phenomenal. Plus they made a lil bit of a cameo on Nashville a few episodes back. (Guilty pleasure! I just love Connie Britton too much) But moral of the blog post is, this playlist is pretty rad. It’s mostly folksy, indie-ish stuff, but it’s all pretty awesome. My favorite song on it is Destination by Nickel Creek. If you didn’t know, they’re back from something like an 8 year hiatus. I almost saw them in Nashville at the Ryman this past weekend but unfortunately it just didn’t work out. Fortunately though, I was informed by the media yesterday that they’ll be headlining The Taste of Chicago on the 11th. Mark your calendars. Here is the rest of the lineup. Pretty pumped about Aloe Blacc Gary Clark Jr too! Hurry up summer, it’s time for this girl to sit in the grass that she’s allergic too and breakout in hives while listening to great music! Hope you enjoy.

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My Imaginary Celebrity BFF’s

Do you ever find yourself imagining that you were best friends with a celebrity? No, just me? Ok, well that’s fine, I’ve always known that I was a little bit strange in that way (and other ways). Well obviously the ladies that I wish I was bff with are like, the coolest girls in Hollywood. I just felt like I should probably let you know who they are since I’m likely to refer to them as my best friends and call them by their first names, because I mean, what happens in my mind is technically real…right?


First up, J Law. And yes, I realize that’s she’s probably everyones imaginary bff because she’s basically the greatest ever. I actually have a sorta, kinda, wanna-be connection with her, so that actually makes me feel really cool. The boyfriend’s roommate was in Jen’s brother’s frat at UK. So that means I’ve stalked his facebook and found some great photos of her being an actual human being. It’s pretty fun. And don’t judge me, you would photo stalk her too if you could, don’t lie to yourself. But mainly, I love her because she just does not care about what people think. She does whatever she wants, falls on her ass and gets right back up and laughs about it. Plus everything that comes out of her mouth is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. It takes balls to say things like “you can only shit your pants so many times a day before you have to go to the emergency room” on late night tv. But then again, that’s probably something I would say, so we’re just two peas in a pod. Plus, look at her. She’s my Beyonce. Bow down. 


Next up, Emma Watson. Little Hermione Granger, how you’ve matured before our eyes. She’s of course only on my list because I really want a best friend with an accent. That’s a lie actually, that’s just ONE of the reasons. The other is because she’s a wizard, duh. But in all honestly, the girl can act. I was probably the only person to be glad that the Harry Potter movies were done so that she could break out and play some really great, new roles. If you haven’t seen The Perks of Being A Wallflower, stop what you’re doing and go find somewhere on the internet to watch it. Her character is perfect. Has anyone seen her in Noah yet? Plus, she has really great eyebrows. And she’s like a real person. She’s a yoga instructor and she’s about to graduate from Brown. She also has 30 journals, and that’s weird, and I’m weird, so it works. 


Meet Mae Whitman. If you don’t know who this bestie is, you’ve been living under a rock your whole life. She was the little girl in One Fine Day. She was also the younger daughter in When A Man Loves A Woman. She’s seriously been acting her entire life. More recently she was also in Perks of Being a Wallflower with Emma. How cute, besties acting together without me. She was also in Arrested Development with my pretend older husband Jason Bateman. But the reason I love her is because of her character Amber on my favorite show on TV, Parenthood. Seriously, go start from the beginning and watch this show because it’s absolutely outstanding. Additionally, she’s obsessed with Tim Riggins and all things FNL, so that’s really the only reason I need to be her friend. You should probably follow her on Twitter too. I mean her name is MaeBirdwing…duh.


Emma Stone. Can’t say enough about how much I love this girl. Every comedy she is in she’s an absolute riot, I think that’s probably the reason we’re such great friends. She also can rock every hair color…ever. Same with lipsticks. Like, seriously, she just always looks good. She also tends to make out with some pretty attractive men of Hollywood (cough cough Ryan Gosling), so I like to keep her around to get the scoop on the guys. Unfortunately, I think she’s dating Andrew Garfield right now, but that’s cute so whatever. OH, and she loves J.D. Salinger, and seeing as Catcher In The Rye is one of my favorites, it just makes sense.

Those are just like, the inner circle. My other friends who aren’t as close are Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick and judge if you must, Miley. I mean, aren’t you just so interested in what goes through her mind?! Who would your imaginary celebrity crew be? Let me know!


How NOT To: Pack for Spring Break


SPRING BRRRRREAK! I am going on spring break! Or the adult version of it I guess, which to me means, a long weekend in Nashville. I’m beyond excited to switch into vacation mode tonight, which basically equals a lot of drinking and a lot of shopping and a lot of walking. Yes! Two whole days off of work and I couldn’t be happier! What I could be happier about is the packing situation. I literally despise packing. I’m the worst. I overpack every time. EVERY. TIME. Even when I’m just heading home to the ‘burbs for less than 48 hours I end up bringing at least five outfits. Why??? I honestly couldn’t tell you, I just don’t know how to pack.

I mean, for one thing, how am I supposed to know what weather to pack for? If the meteorologists who get PAID to know this sort of thing only get it right about 50% of the time, why would I trust them?! I wouldn’t. Hence, the overpacking. Currently the high while we’re there is 70. But yesterday the high was 74. And the low is 40. But yesterday it was 42. I need an accurate, on point forecast people! Plus I have nothing packed for rain, so if it rains, I’m SOL. 

Additionally, I am very, very bad at planning an outfit in advance. Max gets his outfit ready for the next day every night before we go to bed. And while he’s doing that, I lay in bed and help him figure out his outfit while flipping though Pinterest on my phone.  I couldn’t possibly figure out what I’m going to wear the next day the night before! It just seems like way too much decision making late at night when my brain has already powered off for the night. So how am I supposed to plan out outfits DAYS in advance? I can’t. Hence, the overpacking.

The one thing that I think I’m actually pretty decent at is fitting the nine extra outfits into the one carry on bag…shoes, accessories, makeup and hair appliances in another of course. I’m a professional pack and roller. Rolling is key when overpacking people.

So this is how NOT to pack for four days and four nights in Nashville in April.

Teal tank
Blue tank
Striped boatneck
Striped popover
Cream blouse
Black graphic t
Rose sweater
Neon orange sweater
Gingham button up
Pink cardigan
Blue cardigan
Striped running long sleeve
3/4 workout zip up
Running tank

White denim
Pink denim
Royal blue denim 

Dark wash jeans
Yoga pants
White shorts
Pink shorts
Royal blue skirt
Jean shorts
Yoga shorts

White lace dress
Black lace dress
Maxi dress

Flip flops
Sandals (2)
Running shoes
Leopard flats

Sunglasses (3 pairs)
Baseball hat
Panama hat
Earrings (6 pairs)
Necklaces (5)
Brown belt
Pink belt
Crossbody bags (4)
Socks (3 pairs)
Bathing suit

Four days. I’m going for FOUR DAYS. I clearly have a problem. Max has it too though, his response to me telling him he just needs to accept my problem was “why pack light when you can pack everything?” Ugh, love him for that. But let’s just end this right now. Lest us not forget the curling iron, hairdryer, camera, water bottle, blah blah blah….and yes, I packed underwear, I just didn’t think I needed to tell you that, but now I feel like I do. I realize I’m missing cowboy boots, but the pair I have hurts my feet. Maybe they’ll be a last minute addition, I guess you’ll have to just wait and see! See you back here on Monday!


Spring Color Report: Nails Pt. 2

I’m sure you’ve just been on pins and needles waiting for the second half of the 2014 Spring Color Trend Report for nails. Sorry to have kept you waiting! If you missed the first part of the post, you can check it out right here. Without further ado, here are the rest of the colors in the report: Violet Tulip, Sand, Placid Blue, Celosia Orange and Hemlock. If you’re curious about what celosia means, so am I. I obviously googled it, but I’m still confused. Something about an edible plant?

In totally unrelated news, Shopbop is having their Friends & Family sale. Which means everything, full price and sale, is 25% off. I’ve got my eye on this beauty. Just use code INTHEFAMILY14 at checkout. 

Also, I just want to give a heads up that the links provided aren’t necessarily the best price, just the link to where I found them. So if you find a shade you like, google it and make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Spring Color Report: Nails Pt. 1

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that the Pantone color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. Purple isn’t necessarily my go-to color, but I’m by no means against this hue. But what this means is you’re going to see it popping up all over the place in fashion, in florals, in interiors, basically it’s gonna be all over the place this year. So that of course means that it’s also included in the Spring 2014 Pantone Fashion Color Report.


So because my obsession with having my nails painted at all times is still at an all time high, I’ve scoured the interwebs for what I think are some of the best polishes for each of the colors on the report. A few cost a little more than I would personally spend on a polish (yes, I paint my own nails, I change them up far too often to pay to have them done), but they’re pretty, so they’re included. I’m going to break this up into two posts so stay tuned for part two and the last five colors in the repot. For now, I leave you with Radiant Orchid, Dazzling Blue, Paloma, Cayenne and Freesia. Who knew cayenne was spelled with an e after the y instead of an a? Not this girl. Anyway, let me know if you have any go-to polishes for spring that may not be on this report, I’d love to give ’em a try. Side note, if anyone can tell me how I get the job of naming nail polish colors, that’d be great, because that seems like basically the best job ever.