2014 Holiday Gift Guide: The Little Ones

I just wanna make the point that I don’t really believe in buying expensive baby clothes since they’re going to be out of it in a few months anyway.  But I feel like Christmas is a perfect time to break that rule, since there are just so many stinkin’ cute things to buy!

In this installment of gg’s, I bring you the Holiday Gift Guide for The Little Ones.  Whether it’s your own sweet babe, or your niece, nephew, godchild or just a baby that is so darn adorable it deserves a lil somethin, you’ll be sure to find something to get a giggle and a smile out of the trendy tot (or at least their mama!) with this gift guide.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: The Little OnesI Woke Up Like This Sweatshirt $79 | Orange Cable Weave Leggings $23Chilote Child $46Striped Hooded Bunting $42 | Baby Jumpsuit in a Jar $56Mixed Brown Leather Minis $95 | | Fleece Lined Sweatshirt $26 | Cloud Tights $13 |  Bird’s Family Tree Nursery Art $80

Friendly reminder if you haven’t been following along with all of my gift guides this year, don’t worry, you can still catch up! I’m sure you’re still looking for gifts for a few more friends, hopefully I can help you out! The Chef | The Hostess | The Techie | The Foodie | The Jetsetter | The BFF | The Coffee Addict | The Cocktail Lover | The Man

  • http://thetruthtea.com Erica

    this gift guide is making my ovaries burst and giving me serious baby fever. may or may not have bought the I Woke Up Like This for my older niece……