2014 Holiday Gift Guide: The BFF

Happy Friday! When I was making my rounds around the interwebs (mainly Pinterest, obviously) looking for some awesome options for this Holiday Gift Guide for the BFF, I was getting really excited because everything I was finding was coming together perfectly. As I added each gift I couldn’t help wanting to add it to my own wish list.

I guess the thing that I found strange about this one though is that everyone is totallllllllly different, so a guide for the things that I would get for MY bff is probably totally different from what you’d get YOUR bff, right? Let me know in the comments if any of this stuff would work for your bestie.

Also, just a heads up to my real life bff’s…I’m not actually buying you gifts, so just look at this and think to yourself, Wow! Look at all the time she spent picking out gifts for me, she even made this whole pretty guide out of them, it really is the thought that counts!
2014 Holiday Gift Guide: The BFF1. Capri Blue Candle – Volcano – Because this is the best smelling candle on the planet

2. Koromiko Geometric Coasters – These gorgeous, felt coasters are beautiful and functional

3. Wine Pairing Towel Set – It’s a wine world, we’re just livin’ in it

4. Citrus Zinger – My best friend is a lemon water fiend, so this just seemed right. Zinnnnnng

5. ‘know the ropes’ stud earrings – Nothing says you’re my bff quite like some gold knot studs from kate spade

6. Chuck Taylor Distressed Flag – Who wouldn’t want some fashionable americana footwear? My bff would

7. Wishing Bracelet Arrow – This little bracelet is so adorable and so delicate and any girl would love it

8. Nice Is Just A Place In France – My BFFs and I lurve The Betches, so their book is probably absolutely hilarious

9. To The Gym Tote – Sometimes we need some extra motivation to get to the gym, especially if it comes from our bestie in the form of a bag

10. Haute n the Heat Essie Polish – This pink polish is great for a pop of summer during the cold months

11. Sorry For What I Said Tee – This is probably the best way to apologize because I’m usually hungry. And so is she.

12. Nest Ring – This delicate silver nest ring is supes cute and goes with everything…except gold

13. Owl Eyeglass Holder – If your best wouldn’t find this little owl hilarious, then your best and my best are not alike

I fully understand if you finished looking at this list and said, um, no. It makes sense. Your best friend could hate wine, have perfect eyesight, never gets hangry, hates to work out and reads sarcasm as rude. If that is the case, they probably won’t want anything on this list, but lucky for you I have more. If you missed the rest of the gift guides this week, take a look now. I’ve got ’em for the Techie, the Foodie, the Chef and the Hostess, your bestie has got to fit into one of those categories…right?

Additionally, since Pinterest is basically my life, I’ve created a 2014 Holiday Gift Guide board that will have all the products on all of my gift guides plus a lot more great stuff, so check it out.

Also, normally I’m not one to post on Saturday or Sunday, but since we’re running out of days before Christmas, I want to try and make sure that I get all my gift guides posted so you can still order and receive before the 25th, so keep and eye out for a few more guides this weekend.


  • Lauren Kolzow

    I WANT EVERYTHING! Please politely put it all in one box for me to unwrap this Christmas… or we can play the 13 days of Christmas and you can send me one present a day till 12/25. The choice is yours.