2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Under $25

Uhhhh, can you guys believe Christmas is actually one week from today? That can’t be right, it was like, JUST Thanksgiving last weekend. I’m serious, I don’t even remember what happened between me sitting at the table eating the damn near perfect brussel sprouts I cooked and me waking up this morning.

Unfortunately that means that this is the last of my gift guides for you this year. Well, maybe. I’m considering pulling together a procrastinator’s gift guide.  You know, some gifts that you can go pick up in an actual brick and mortar store, removing the ever dependable USPS (I’m rolling my eyes) from the equation. Has anyone else noticed a lot of your UPS or FedEx deliveries being sent to the local post office for the last leg of its journey? What’s up with that? Speaking of thatI’m thinking THAT sounds like a really great, regular feature on the blog. Thanks Keenan.

Ok but foreals, let’s get down to business because I know everyone’s got the finale of Serial to get to and we don’t wanna keep Koenig waiting. This last beauty that I’ve prepared for you is the Holiday Gift Guide for Under $25. These babies are perfect for your office secret santa, your girls’ gift exchange or a thoughtful stocking stuffer for mom or sis!
Holiday Gift Guide: Under $25

Written In The Stars Notebook $14 | Bobbi Brown Lip Stick $24 | Daily Dishonesty Book $11 | Cotton Cap $10 | Golden Wisteria Phone Case $25 | Wine Wipes $7 | Twist Scarf $20 | Dope Framed Art $25 | Sea Salt Candle $16Celebration Pencil Set $12

I know I sound like a broken record, but just in case you haven’t been keeping up, I’ve got a bunch more gift guides for you to take a look at it if you’re still riding the struggle bus coming up with gift ideas. And with only a week left, I hate to say it, but I’m probably your best bet at this point! Kidding. But am I? Ok, the here are the guides: The BFF | The Chef | The Techie | The Foodie | The Little Ones | The Coffee Addict | The Cocktail Lover | The Man | The Hostess | The Jetsetter

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    the best damn gift guides ever!

  • http://www.colleenwearsstarsandstripes.com Colleen Carlsen Fulmer

    Wine Wipes…. that is brilliant!