weekend links 6.21.13


I need to start this off with an apology. Sports have been taking over my life. With the Stanley Cup and the NBA finals I’ve been really glued to the tv and have been neglecting my poor blog, and you all! So I’m so sorry for my actions, please please forgive me.

Second order of business, I’m really sad to announce, that I will no longer have small type on the blog. I love it so much, but as it turns out, you all hate it. I will not ever understand it, as small type is my favorite thing ever. But alas, I will give you readers what you want, even if I disagree. Lucky b’s.

This morning I woke up to a Chase alert that $180 had been charged to my debit at jcrew. First I thought perhaps I was ordering clothes in my sleep (since i’m still on the spending freeze) but then quickly realized that probably was not the case. i then called chase and filed a claim, then went to chase and picked up a new debit card. my morning was cray to say the least. then once i work i realize that in fact it was my charge, on a bridesmaid dress I’d ordered months ago that had just shipped. they told me it was on backorder til july 1st so i never made the connection. and the charge was showing up as Lynchburg,VA (yes I know now that’s where the distribution center is) but I ordered it in Chicago! How was I to know? Whoops? I called and reversed the claim but let’s just leave it at, I’m an idiot. sorry it was 7am, way too early for rational thinking like checking my jcrew account…

That being said. here are some weekend links. It was a big music week so I’ll give you a double dose next tuesday of some albums you should be listening to (sorry, it’s not yeezus).

i love a good infographic. and i love a good informational map all the more! iphone vs. android vs. blackberry 

since we’re on the topic, check out the new trailer for JOBS. Yes, that’s the documentary in which ashton kutcher plays steve jobs. is it weird i find him attractive in this?

instagram has video peeps. RIP vine, you had a good run. but facebook rules all. here are some tips to help you rule the moving pictures world.

mad men finale is on sunday. the season started off rocky and boring as haaaail, but it’s really picked up steam and now there’s just so much drama! Here are some great conspiracy theories. Vin, this is for you. God, Bob Benson, you kill me.

I basically don’t even have words for this. Just know it is absurd.

I feel like we’re entering shower season. as in wedding and baby. and then there are engagement parties and weddings. gifts are totes necessary for all of these. if you want to step outside the box and get them something they’re not expecting (ie. off their registry) check out this cool new startup that let’s you gift from local businesses. Thanks Ben for showing me this.

check out this really awesome photograph that will kind of blow your mind.

shout out to north west. um, why? if you dont know what this is in reference to, get out from under your rock. but seriously.

here’s a gift from me to you. Hint, it’s clothing related. shop for me while I can’t!

Wait, this is genius. turns out i like things that involve alcohol trickery?

i like miley cyrus. sue me. she’s friggin weird and I like it. this isn’t how you get ready for a night out on the town? psh. twerk. 

ok but now read this article. disagree if you must, i totally see your side, but i’m down with hannah montana, and i’m sorry i’m not sorry. the beat on the track though, not so much.

do you ever wonder why you aren’t as artistically talented as this guy? cause i do.

lastly. how often do you see something on pinterest you totes want in your closet only to click thru to a dead link or tumblr? well worry not. the hunt is here to help.

welp, that’s all i’ve got for you, like I said, busy week of sports, not as much internet browsing unfortunately. congrats to lebron? I’m heading to game 5 of the stanley cup finals tomorrow, so keep your eye out for some pics on Monday! GO HAWKS!


Weekend Links 6.14.13


Well guys, the Blackhawks won Wednesday night which means just three more games to go! I. Can’t. Wait.  Game 2 is this weekend which is just one of the reasons I’m excited that today is Friday. The other reason is my aunt and uncle, who make their own wine, are having their annual bottling party on Saturday, which somehow, I’ve never been to before. So this year I’m for sure making an appearance to see what it’s all about! Hopefully the weather god’s are on our side.

Ok so, I’m changing the name, executive decision. I’ll now be referring to this post as: Weekend Links. Huge change there, I know. I just didn’t feel right calling it reading, sue me! So now without further ado, here are your weekend links.

I may have shared these necklaces with you before, I honestly can’t recall if I did or if I just pinned them, but even if I have, this tutorial takes it a step further. If only I was more DIY savvy!

Why can’t I be the one to come up with an idea like this. So simple, so smart! And again, another awesome use of a QR code.

Since we’re on the topic, Apple’s new iOS 7 debuted at the WWDC this week. I’m still not sold on the design, like, at all. But i’ve got a couple months to try and let it grow on me. i don’t see it happening. but check it out for yourself.

You had to expect at least one of the links would reference the blackhawks, so here. I love shinpads!

This is one of my favorite dog videos ever. and there are a lot of dog videos.

Speaking of dogs, can we talk about this branding by perky bros please? oh em gee, so so good. I just love everything about it!

I’m sure you’ve at least heard about kanye’s interview with the ny times if not read it. but if not, here’re the highlights.

this is just me bragging, but I got 441 on Dots yesterday. What’s your high score?

Perhaps the perfect late night treat? I think so. Besides a s’more of course! you’re killin me smalls.

Speaking of….

Now that it’s finally warmed up and starting to feel like summer around here (besides wednesday night – what was that by the way? Biggest build to a storm ever), how amazing do these look!? oh yeah, and these!

Um, can i live here please? thanks. so beautiful.

If you know me well, you know that I’m pretty good at finding popular movies, sometimes still in theaters, to download and watch. Now this company is making it easy for less tech savvy people to find and watch video themselves. It’s basically awesome.

there’s a place off ocean avenue. no, I’m not talking about the nostalgic yellowcard song that was frequently overheard while you were shopping at hollister. it’s warby parker’s new collection. if you don’t know warby parker yet, read up.

google bought another company, surprise surprise. this one is actually pretty cool, couldn’t believe i’d never heard of it! 

what’s everyone else doing this weekend? I’d love to hear about it, let me know! Whatever it is, make it a fun one! And i’m sure you haven’t forgotten, but Father’s Day is Sunday! 

Great Grabs Under $10

So today I wanna tell you about a few of my favorite drugstore grabs under $10. A lot of the time I’ll walk into a Walgreens to pick up one thing and I’m walking out 30 minutes later with a lot more than I’d intended to buy. It probably has to do with the fact that I get a discount shopping there since I’m an employee and whenever I know I’m saving money I think that’s an automatic reason to spend more. Wrong, but that’s a discussion for another time. Today I wanna talk about some of my favorite products that you can pick up on the cheap.

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss
This nail polish is my absolute favorite. I’m almost inclined to not buy anything else, like, ever. First of all, it literally lasts forever, with just one coat! I still have polish on that I did last Wedneday with minimal, MINIMAL chipping. We’re talking the very tip of two nails. I’m not a mathematician but those are the sort of numbers that I’m down with. 
Additionaly, you don’t even need a top coat. The polish is high-shine to the max. I still use a top coat because it’s habit, but you don’t need it. I did some digging to find out a little more about the polish and
came to find that they’re using some sort of new technology to allow for punchy-bright shades and long lasting shine, AT THE SAME TIME! And let me tell you, there are some great shades to choose from, and they’ve just added some new mini bottles to the collection. 

Did I mention how cute the bottles are? Square is the new circle. (I don’t think I’d normally use circle to describe a nail polish bottle but you get what I’m going for) The regular size bottles retail for about $5 and the little guys go for…less. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark & Deep
So I’ve been on the hunt for a good dry shampoo for awhile. I take that back, I’ve been looking for a GREAT one. I can go just one day without washing my hair and it looks like what I like to refer to as a “grease pit”. It’s annoying as all hell, especially when I’m being told from every angle that I shouldn’t be washing my hair everyday. Great. I tried Tresemme, hated it. I tried Oscar Blandi, wasn’t a fan. But alas, I think I’ve found my winner. This stuff is great. It’s made specifically for dark hair, so there’s no white residue. It doesn’t smell like furniture polish, which is definitely a plus. And it absorbs my grease, which of course is the main goal here. It’s Wednesday morning and I haven’t washed my hair since Sunday night and it actually still looks clean! And, it comes in a bunch of different scents to boot! Though I don’t believe the scents transfer to the version I’m using for dark hair, but it seriously smells fine so I wouldn’t worry.  And get this, it’s only $8.99, which is definitely on the low end, as some dry shampoo’s will run you upwards of $30. 

Maybelline Baby Lips
This stuff is like liquid gold on your lips. I’m a big fan of the Peach Kiss, which is lightly tinted with a coral shade. These lip balms seriously quench your lips. With regular Chapstick I feel like I’m having to reapply far too often, this stuff keeps them hydrated for hours. Literally. My friend Chelsie who introduced me to Baby Lips (Thanks Chelsie!) loves the Quenched flavor which doesn’t have any tint but smells ah-mazing! And these little guys are only $2.99! What a steal! 

I know this sounded like a sponsored post, but it wasn’t, I just really like all of these products enough to tell you to go out and buy them for yourselves! 

Now let’s go Blackhawks!!!


Tunes on a Tuesday No. 6

Guys. this is major. the blackhawks are going to the stanley cup. AGAIN. I can’t control my excitement. I’ve already secured tickets to game 5 at the United Center and I’m FREAKING OUT! I’m not counting this against my spending freeze because this is a total yolo moment. As in, this is a once (or twice) in a lifetime kinda thing! Just prepare yourself for a lot of hockey talk on here for the next two or so weeks.

yes, that is me with the stanley cup in 2010 the day after they won.  I was sweaty, get over it.

In other news, it’s Tuesday. Which means it’s time for some tunes. I want to first say that the new Jimmy Eat World album officially released today, so jump on that. And secondly another album to check out that was released last week was the new City and Colour album, The Hurry and The Harm. This is a canadian singer/songwriter by the name of Dallas Green (get it? city and colour?) who killed it at Lolla last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve been listening to this new album all week and can’t get enough. 

And lastly, here’s a playlist to get you through this week!

or here on grooveshark.

also, the last song on the playlist is a friend’s band, Fletcher Rockwell, and they’re awesome but their stuff isn’t on grooveshark yet, so go check them out here if you don’t have spotify.


Weekend Reading (and SALES!) 6.7.13


happy friday ya’ll! (sometimes I like to pretend I’m from the south when really I was born and raised in chicago, so just go with it whenever it happens, thanks.) i’ll be heading to michigan city, IN for a wedding on the lake tomorrow – hopefully it warms up some, where is summer!? What’re your plans for the weekend? Here’s some weekend reading for ya with some sales mixed in because if I can’t shop you definitely should. See everyone on Monday! 

(I wonder if I should change the name of this segment because I find myself sharing a lot of videos every week, let me think on it.)

did someone say free donuts? and if you’re in chicago, check out these spots

dogs doing people things. yes please. this blog is too cute. 

speaking of dogs, but not really. take a look at these adorable necklaces. i need one. or five. 

and i hate cats. sorry, but i do. but this video is too good to pass up. 

i know I’ve talked about the skimm before, but seriously, i’m obsessed with reading it every morning. you must, must sign up, I mean, it’s free and totally keeps you in the know about things you actually should know about! sign up, seriously! and they wish you a happy birthday on your birthday, i’d sign up just for that alone! 

this brazilian ad campaign is almost better than the dove ‘real beauty’ one when it comes to women and their self-esteem. that campaign was the most watched ever, btdubs. but i like this one more.

lollapalooza aftershow tickets are on sale now! (UPDATE: they’re already all sold out. hit up stubhub?)

still living in the stone-age with your iphone 4S? good news is on the way

this is important to me. so it should be important to you. 

because i love emma stone oh so much. like, can we be bff or what? call me bitch. 

need a new marathon tv show to start? here’s a list of the 101 best written tv shows. Friday Night Lights is number 22, just sayin… tami taylor, will you be my other bff? you’re both redheads so it’s fine. 

a really great blog post from sarah at note to self about design and duplication and inspiration. 

bueller? bueller? anyone? 


gap is 30% off everything online today and then 25% off online tomorrow, so shop today! Use code GAPTREAT.

loft is an extra 50% off sale items. 

jcrew is 25% off everything and 30% off if you’re a cardholder. Use code SUMMER or CARDHOLDER.

jcrew factory is 40% off jewelry and 30-40% off dresses and skirts online. Stores are 40% off plus an extra 10% if you present an email, so make sure to sign up for their mailing list. 

c.wonder is an extra 50% off sale items. Use code SALE50.

banana republic is 30% off everything online. Use code BRSHOP30.

macy’s has an extra 20% off and, my favorite, FREE SHIPPING when you spent $99+

Last Thing

my little sister is participating in a Big Bike ride which consists of a 29 person tandem bike. I don’t understand it either, so it’s fine. but they’re raising money for The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada (she works in Victoria). Any sort of donation would be awesome. Her goal is only $150 so let’s help her get there! You can donate here.

now let’s get through this friday! 


ps did everyone see i dropped the .blogspot in the url? i’m like a real blog now, oh baby!