Hello there

Hi there. I guess I’ll start by introducing myself and lay out my reasoning behind starting this blog. I’m Lauren. Professional designer by day, professional girlfriend by night. (I guess calling yourself a professional girlfriend is sort of like calling yourself a hooker now that I’m thinking about it, so, amateur girlfriend? Still doesn’t sound right. Oh well) But in between being a professional and an amateur, at a lot of things, I’ve got a lot to share. I couldn’t nor wouldn’t consider myself an expert on any of the topics that I plan to muse about here (well, maybe design), but from what I’ve been told, I’ve got a lot of knowledge and people apparently want a place to read about all of it?
Enter me, and a blog.
Regardless of my ability to design, my ability to code or understand relatively basic code is a stretch, so figuring out how to start this blog was a bit of a struggle. After a lottttt of reading and googling, I think I’ve finally come to a conclusion. I imagine it will take me awhile to get into a set sort of schedule, or post regular features, but isn’t the saying it’s a marathon not a sprint? So suck it up and bear with me, I’m a relatively fast learner. But seriously, hang in there.
There are a lot of things I love, and there are a lot of things I love but clearly have zero place to be blogging about. Butttt, I’ll probably do it anyway. My ramblings will most probably fall under a few standard categories though. I like design, so I’ll most definitely talk about that. I tend to eat so probably I’ll babble about yummy grub. I listen to music a lot, so I imagine I’ll tell you a few things I’m enjoying in that category. Though my bank account doesn’t appreciate it, I like to buy pretty clothes and accessories, so I might share some finds with you on that front. I’m kind of sort of a nerd, not comic-book style, more tech-gadget like, so I’ll tell you what I know about any news on that front. And then I’ll pepper in some fun things happening in my life, because that’s clearly why you’re here…right? Maybe not, I really have no idea – help me!
I’m sure if this whole blog thing takes off I’ll look back at this first blog and kick myself because I’m sure once I’ve got it down this post will look pretttttay bad. But for now, let’s just enjoy the ride.