Weekend Reading 5.31.13

Happy friday friends! Here’s some weekend reading for you. I’ve got a bachelorette party Saturday and before that the Blackhawks are playing game one of stanley cup semi-finals. I’m also helping out a friend on a design project so I’ve got a fun filled weekend ahead of me. Hope yours is just as jam packed with fun things! 

calorie counter? google to the rescue…as always.

looking for a new game to play on your iphone for your commute, look no further than here. beware, it’s addicting as addicting can get. 

not sold? try this new app… puzzles based on color theory, perfect for the art school graduate. make your professors proud! I’ve been playing it for awhile now and love, love, love it! Except when I get to a super hard level, then I hate it. 

interesting article on why vimeo is better than youtube. let me know your thoughts.

finally, a great use of the QR code. if you dont know what a QR code is by now, google it, fast. 

check out some of Karen Young’s awesome skyline prints from around the world. so cute.

this might be the coolest thing google has come up with to date. think skeeball on your computer with your phone as your contoller…awesome, I know! 

everyone loves a good infographic. don’t lie, I know you do. 

looking for something yummy to make for dinner? you’re welcome.

chicago kids, the movies in the park schedule has been released. maybe i’ll finally see skyfall…maybe.

educate yourself real quick on a big issue the supreme court will be deciding on next month.

lifesize dollhouse? check. burning lifesize dollhouse to the ground? check check.

i can’t even with this right now. this woman. this workout. all too much for me. have a good laugh.

on that note, i’m out. enjoy the weekend!!! and don’t forget to prancercise! (full video)

Spending & reading

So basically I went crazy in terms of shopping this month. Like, actually crazy. I think I hit up the outlet mall 3 of the last 4 weekends and then did some online shopping and picked up some other random things in the city as per usual. Which in turn means I’ll be going on a SPENDING FREEEEEEZE come June 1st. Seriously. No spending money on any clothes. 30 days of wearing what I already own. I’m not too worried, just really sad. But I know I’ll thank myself come July 1 and I still have money in the bank. I’ll keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds. 

In other news, I want to introduce you to an awesome blog that I came across two or three months ago that I absolutely love. It’s called Underground New York City Library. I mean what a genius idea. Photos upon photos of people reading on the subway in NYC. Absolutely fascinating getting to see what sort of people are reading what sort of book. A woman named Ourit Ben-Haim started the blog and provides links to purchase or borrow the books in the photos. I love it. Unfortunately she hasn’t updated in about a month, but definitely take a few minutes to peruse through the archives. Here are a few of my favorites. (shots, not books, as I haven’t read ’em…yet)

I think someone should most definitely start this in Chicago. I also need to find some new reading material for the summer, any suggestions are more than welcome! I miss my kindle, totally time for that bad boy to come out of hiding. 

PS – Go blackhawks! Eight more games ’til we’re drankin’ champagne out of the cup…again. 


White Wash

yesterday at the office a co-worker told me that I have the most colorful wardrobe of anyone that he knows.  i could see that. I love brights and neons and color-blocking. but as we all know, monday was memorial day and you know what that means: summer! I’d just go ahead and say white but I don’t follow that rule. I basically wear white whenever I want basically because I think I can do whatever I want, and I guess technically I can, so it all works out. Anyway, if we’re following the fashion laws of yore, we’d all be jumping on the white bandwagon right about now. So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite white pieces to sport for the season. 


just make sure that you make best friends with a brand new tide to-go pen!

Tunes on a Tuesday No. 4


yuck. this past long weekend was so dreary the whole time, definitely NOT what I’d been looking forward to, but still relaxing nonetheless. and now the forecast is more rain and thunderstorms the rest of the week. laaame. so here’s some rainy day music for you. 

1. Clouds | Zach Sobiech
2. King of Spain | The Tallest Man On Earth
3. Lego House | Ed Sheeran
4. Sometimes the Sky | Charlie Mars
5. Waiting For The Sun | The Jayhawks
6. Summer Girl | Family of the Year
7. This Side | Nickel Creek
8. Fit Against the Country | Horse Feathers
9. Diamonds | Ben Howard
10. Good With You | L.P.
11. Atlas Hands | Benjamin Francis Leftwich
12. Ghosts | Florence + The Machine

listen here (spotify)
or here (grooveshark)
one other thing of note. if you haven’t downloaded the #music app yet, I highly suggest it. it’s twitter’s music app, hence the hashtag. but it’s really pretty neat and helps you discover new music, see who your favorite artists are listening to, etc. If you have spotify mobile (which I SWEAR BY, best $10 a month I spend) you can listen to the songs right there on your phone. otherwise you get a 60 second preview…I think. plus it has a beautiful UI (user interface for you non designers, see I taught you something new!) that I could look at all day! and best of all…it’s FREE! Yippeee!


weekend reading 5.25


it’s finally here, the long weekend is upon us! turns out I will not be spending the weekend cleaning my apartment (inner sniffles) but instead heading up to a lakehouse with a slew of great friends. it’s still forecasted to be chilly at the lake as well, but that basically just means don’t go in the water, I’m sure the sun will still be shining on the dock! Plus a good hot dog on the grill is usually enough for me!  Here’s some weekend reading to tide you over.

ok so the first thing i’ve got for you is less reading a little more watching. Arrested Development 4th season premiers on Netflix tomorrow, here’s the trailer if you haven’t already seen it! i still have a couple more episodes to catch up on first!

subscribed to The Skimm earlier this week and am in lurve. basically a daily email newsletter that gets sent early morning that wittily (that’s actually a word?) recaps the news you should know about in a succinct email. 
more watching. meg jay’s ted talk entitled: why 30 is not the new 20. “personality changes more in your twenties than any other time in your life.” 

need an honest opinion? check out this app called askem by an Israli-based startup.

Hanson’s new beer has debuted. it’s called Mmmmhops. This isn’t a joke. 

I was going to save this for a dedicated post but they’re so cute i’m literally fearing they’ll all sell out. Sam and Libby for Target people. I mentioned a pair in my low wedge post, but so many flats too! So cute, so cheap, I die. I’m getting these for sure.

uh, this is genius. almost as genius as this. second one is perfect for sneaking booze into that festival this summer with incredibly overpriced beers. you didn’t hear it from me though! 

studio apartment? check out this amazing pull out furniture!

studio apartment? NOT. literally as far from a studio you can get. 

get crafty this weekend and do some painting, and make your own watercolors while you’re at it! 

i can’t get enough amanda bynes crazy lately. and i thought she’d fallen off the map after all her twitvid shenanigans, but alas, she has not. (hint: it involved flying bongs).

speaking of trainwrecks, this cannot be real. if you have enough money to launch a vodka line, maybe don’t hire what looks to be an 11 year old to do your package design? 

let’s end this on a positive note though. summer’s basically here, so beach waves are essential and we don’t all live near the ocean, worry not.

enjoy the long weekend, take lots of pictures and eat lots of food!